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Limefield Blog P4b 13.12.19

This week Limefield would like to share some information about their learning.

Alana ‘I have enjoyed making the Christmas trees today, I had to cut out the shapes and join them together to build the tree and it was fun’

Matthew ‘ I enjoyed making capacity sheets with Miss Mendoza’

Eilidh ‘ I liked making the Christmas tree’

Alfie ‘I liked making the Christmas trees because it was fun crafting cool parts of it’


Howden blog P4b 6.12.19

Hello, here are our learning highlights this week…

Sophie E ‘I enjoyed painting Water lilies during art on Wednesday’

Ruaridh ‘I enjoyed making Christmas cards’

Thomas ‘ I enjoyed dividing in Maths’

Amina ‘I enjoyed science. I liked testing if things were soluble or insoluble’

Madison ‘I liked science. We had to try and stop our ice cube from melting’

Adam ‘ I liked science’

Robbie ‘I enjoyed doing division in maths’

Nevan ‘I enjoyed maths. I liked  division’

We will be back with more learning news next week!

P4b Houston Blog 29.11.19

Hello, this is P4b Houston Blog. Here are our weekly highlights…

Jesse ‘I enjoyed the assembly about Scotland and St Andrew’

Irvine ‘I enjoyed using construction toys during RAP 31’

Neve ‘I liked doing Benchball in P.E’

Summer ‘ I liked learning French  numbers and playing French bingo…Lotto!’

Alexis ‘I liked when we were using instruments to make weather sounds’.

Look out for more highlights from P4b next week.

Alderstone blog 26.11.19

Hello, we would like to share an update on our learning from last week…

Rory ‘I enjoyed the tannoy story books for book week Scotland’

Ben C ‘I enjoyed the book week activities and DEAR time’

Katie ‘I enjoyed reading about the people who were in Williamston Primary in the Past’

Robbie ‘ I liked it when Jen came in to read us a book’

Moaz ‘I enjoyed researching different countries’

Isla M ‘ I enjoyed learning about soluble and insoluble products and testing them in water’

Oliver ‘I enjoyed French- learning colours and animals’

From Alderstone, P4b

P4b Limefield Blog 15.11.19

Hello and welcome to Limefield’s Blog from P4b.  We would like to tell you about our learning highlights this week.

Alfie ‘I enjoyed writing a story about my friends Ben and Matthew. I got to tell everyone how fantastic they are and I was Star Writer’.

Matthew ‘I enjoyed playing outside on the field. I slid down a mud slide’

Eilidh ‘I am enjoying reading the nowhere emporium’

Alana ‘I enjoyed learning something new in Maths. We used a multiplication box. I also enjoyed filtering water in science’

Thank you for reading our Blog! We really enjoyed writing to you.

From P4b

P4b Howden blog 11.11.19

Here are some of the things which we have enjoyed over the last week.

Thomas ‘ I enjoyed my pupil Leadership Group. We were learning about pollution’

Robbie ‘ I enjoyed pupil Leadership Groups. We talked about how we can help planet Earth’

Sophie H ‘ I enjoyed having a special friend visit our classroom. It was lovely to hear how she is getting on in her new school’

Sophie E ‘ I enjoyed writing a story about fireworks, using onomatopoeia – BANG! CRACKLE! POP!’

Amina ‘ I have enjoyed practising my times tables, playing bingo’

Madison ‘ I have enjoyed thinking about friendship as part of anti- bullying week’

Nevan ‘ I am enjoying starting our water topic.’

Look out for our next blog: Limefield will be posting on Friday!

P4b Houston blog 1.11.19

P4b have had a busy week and have worked hard to develop their problem solving skills, team work and even found time to celebrate Halloween. Here are some of our highlights!

Irvine ‘ This week I enjoyed watching room on the broom and we are designing a broomstick during RAP 31’

McKenzie ‘ This week I enjoyed Maths. We were working in a team to solve a problem’

Neve ‘I enjoyed watching my sister’s assembly and Maths’

Jesse ‘ I enjoyed outdoor learning, making bug hotels’

Summer ‘ Yesterday I enjoyed the Halloween activities. My absolute favourite was Just Dance’

Alexis ‘ I enjoyed writing a spooky story’

Have a lovely weekend and look out for our Howden blog next week.