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A fun week of learning in P3b

We have had a busy time in P3b this week! We started the week with a dance session with dance teacher Amy, where we enjoyed some contemporary dancing with a ‘Scottish twist’! We are looking forward to learning the next part of the dance routine on Monday 26th!

Ronald Dahl has been a big focus this week as it was his 100th birthday on Tuesday. We LOVE Roald Dahl in P3b and have had many laughs reading ‘The Twits’! This week, we have been creating Mr Twit’s beard and even finding out our names if we were a Roald Dahl character! Come and ask us more about it! We have also been talking about adjectives and coming up with some amazing examples to describe The Twits and other characters we have created this week!

On Wednesday at PE, we worked in teams and played the ‘raft game’- come and ask more about it and why we had to work together to be successful!

I maths we have been looking at ‘tens and ones’ and partitioning numbers. We are experts now at splitting numbers like 65 into tens and ones. We know that there are 6 sets of ten in 65 and 5 ‘ones’ left over! We have also been developing our mental arithmetic skills everyday, too!

We hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!

Primary 3 at Low Port

Despite the weather, we thoroughly enjoyed our overnight stay at the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow last week. On our arrival, we headed to Linlithgow Palace where we were met by the Primary 6 and 7 Palace Guides from Linlithgow Primary School. They did an excellent job showing us around the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

We then walked round part of Linlithgow Loch on a scavenger hunt before heading back to Low Port to unpack.

After a delicious three course meal, Mr Brice taught us some games on the Peel. Our favourite game was Giants, Wizards and Trolls. Mr Brice’s demonstrations of the characters was particularly interesting!

It was then time for pyjamas, “Minions” and supper before retiring to our comfy beds. On Thursday, we had a scrumptious breakfast, before walking to the Canal Centre. We had a short trip along the canal, discovering the intriguing history and heritage of the Union Canal. After this, we headed to Annet House Museum where we enjoyed learning about Linlithgow’s history. After lunch, we got back on the bus and travelled to Beecraigs for fun activities and a climb up Cockleroi.

Low Port was an exciting experience and one that we will remember for a long time.

New Term in Primary 3a and b

We are all looking forward to the new term in Primary three!  This week we enjoyed sharing our Easter Holiday news and getting settled back into class!

This term, our PE days are on a Tuesday and Thursday.  We are really excited that our Thursday lessons are with Mr Muldoon!

We are also having music with Miss MacDonald this term and are looking forward to learning all about African Drumming.

P3b will also have time with Mrs Thomson on a Thursday – we will be exploring Health and Wellbeing through drama activities and P3a will be with Mrs Logan every second Friday.

Our Library day is still a Thursday, so we need to remember to bring our book that day, if we want to exchange it for a new one.

On Monday, we will be coming home with a homework grid, like we used in Term 2.  Please can we keep this safe at home, and tick off the work as we complete it over the next five weeks.  Starred activities are to be completed once a week, and other activities can be completed in any order and at any time over the five week period.  We will also now be bringing home regular Maths homework to help us revise and consolidate our learning from Primary 3.  These will be issued on a Monday and are to be completed for the following Monday.

In Maths this term, we are continuing to explore and make multiplication arrays and will link this to division when we are ready.  We are also still exploring numbers, thinking about number order and largest and smallest numbers in a given group.  In Topic Maths we are learning how to estimate and measure length and will be using metres and centimetres.

We are continuing with our Romans topic for the next couple of weeks, where we will be working in groups to research an aspect of Roman life.  We will then be moving on to our Wedding topic – how exciting!

Please ask us to share our learning at home as we move through our final term in Primary 3.

Primary 3a create a Labyrinth

Today Primary 3a had a very special visitor. Darren Philip, the Youth and Children’s Development Worker from Livingston United Parish Church, came into class to help us learn about labyrinths.

A labyrinth is a bit like a maze but has only one path and no dead ends. Labyrinth paths have been walked for over 4000 years with people using them to relax, reflect and clear their minds. Christians say a prayer at each twist and turn of the path.

We designed and created our own finger labyrinths out of clay and then created a class labyrinth using our mathematical, problem solving and group working skills. When it was complete we all walked the labyrinth then shared our learning with Mrs Hollands and Primary 3b.

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning. A big thank you to Darren.

Author Visits Primary 3

Yesterday, Primary 3 had a very special visitor in school.  Christiane Dorion, who has written a series of children’s non-fiction books, came to visit us to tell us all about her book “How Animals Live”.  She told us about different animal habitats and the animals that live there.  She challenged us with animal riddles, and then we had to come up with our own!  We also had lots of fun making the noise of a rainforest (primary 3 are very noisy!).  She also brought along an elephant tusk, a leopard skin and a hippo tooth to make us aware of the dangers animals are in from hunting.

Some of us bought a copy of her book and Christiane signed it for us!

This visit was part of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, organised by the Scottish Book Trust and Primary 3 had great fun!

P3/2 share their Fairtrade fun and Area challenge!

P3/2 have had another busy week. We have been learning more about Fairtrade and celebrating Fairtrade fortnight by writing our own poems and taking part in a big Fairtrade breakfast. We enjoyed taking part in the Fairtrade quiz- Do you know how many bananas are eaten in the UK each year?


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We have also been learning about measuring the area of shapes and objects and have used counters and squares to calculate, investigate and draw areas.

We worked with a partner to measure the area of our hands and feet and sorted them from greatest to smallest.

On Thursday, we were set a challenge from a special fairy visitor to our classroom. We measured the correct area to create a fairy and elf picnic, including a picnic blanket, cup, plate, apple, cake and sandwich. The faries loved our work and left us a special thank you beside our fairy door! How exciting!


We are looking forward to sharing our i journals and showing our new classroom to our parents next week! We are sure that you will love looking at all of our hard work.


World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated in style with another successful book swap and lots of class activities.

The highlight of the day was the Potato Book Character competition. The judges were blown away with the number of entries and found it extremely difficult to choose the winners from each stage. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part – all the entries were amazing!


We enjoyed sharing our learning at a whole school assembly. The nursery children had fun presenting their Gruffalo artwork, Primary 1 and Primary 2 told us about their favourite books and Primary 3 read “Whit the Clockleddy Heard” in their best Scottish accents! Primary 4 presented their learning about Holy Books and other religious stories and Primary 5 gave a wonderful performance of a song from “Matilda”. Primary 6 shared Dr Suess with us and Primary 7 taught us all about William Shakespeare! Thanks go to the library reps who led the assembly.

Remember to exchange your World Book Day token and “Keep on Reading”.

P3/2 celebrate World Book Day

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P3/2 had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day on Thursday. We created some fantastic potato characters…A huge well done to all those children who took part!

We also enjoyed creating book token designs and bookmarks and had the opportunity to do some paired reading with our friends.

Today, we performed a Scots story or personal account of our favourite book in assembly in front of the whole school! It was great fun having the opportunity to share our learning.

We have also been taking part in fairtrade fortnight and created some fairtrade artwork, using fairtrade colours and images. Today, our class brought in 10 fairtrade snacks for playtime! Well done!


Roman Day

Primary 3a, 3b and 3/2 had a wonderful time yesterday, spending the day as Romans.

We had a very special visitor in school!  Decimus Gaius, a genuine Roman solider came to see us and seriously put us through our paces!  He spent a lot of time telling us about life as a Roman (even including visits to the public Roman Toilets) and had lots of Roman artefacts with him that we were lucky enough to handle.  We were then dressed up as Roman soldiers and were taught how to march in formation and in time with each other.  We were also taught how to form “The Tortoise” – which is a special formation that protected us from incoming arrows (our classmates were throwing balls at us!).  We absolutely loved our visit from the soldier.  It brought our topic to life and our teachers noticed how much we enjoyed learning.

The other half of our day was spent in a little more luxury than when we were soldiers – we were rich Romans, feasting in a triclinium.  We were served by slaves and lounged around the floor of the classrooms, eating with our fingers.  We tried lots of foods that were eaten in Roman times, including cheese, grapes, dates, bread and dormice (of the chocolate variety!).  We also enjoyed some red wine (apple and blackcurrant flavour!).  At the end of our meal we ate some lettuce and went for a snooze!

A fantastic day was had by all and we shall remember this for years to come.