Rights Respecting Day for Change – A huge Success

On Wednesday 24th of May we had our Day for Change and it was a huge success!! We raised an even number of £160 which a charity called Nutrition have said that for every pound raised they will double it which means we have raised £320. This means our money will be able to train two nurses to look after malnourished children. Also we can provided four malnourished children with life saving food for five days.

On the day we had an assembly to explain Day for Change and to raise awareness of the malnourished children in Liberia. There was a cake sale at break time and the cakes sold like hot cakes!!!! We wrote Day for Change in chalk on the hall floor and covered it in coins. We paid £1 to dress down or in blue and had a guess how much money in the jar, which Meah won.

Thank you so much for helping us raise this amount and it will make a difference in these young children’s lives.

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