P5-7 Learning

P5-7 have been focussing on the school motto of “Live, Believe and Celebrate” for their upcoming assembly  on Wednesday 9th September. They have been working in groups to create a song which represents the school motto and participating in lots of design tasks related to the topic.

They have started to take part in the Westfield walk, which is when the pupils run, walk or jog 1/2 mile. They hope to build up to running a full mile at least 3 times a week.


3 thoughts on “P5-7 Learning”

  1. Sounds like you have all been very busy! I think it’s great that you are walking/running every day, how many laps around the hall will it take when it’s wet?!

  2. I should really make the effort to come our walking/running with you P5/6/7!! What a healthy class!

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