Around the World in Primary 4

This week in Primary 4 we have been preparing for our journey around the World! We have designed our own suitcases with illustrated stickers for the different countries that we are going to be finding out more about. We also finished reading Around the World in 80 Days. We wrote our own summaries to describe the main characters and events. Next week we are going to use atlases to draw in the route that Fogg took on his journey around the World.

This week in Primary 4

This week in Primary 4 we have been thinking about how and why people can save water. We used our literacy skills to create our own persuasive water posters. We were trying to encourage people to save water rather than waste it.

In maths we have started to use chimney sums to help us to add bigger numbers. We learned that it was really important to lay out the sums correctly.

As it is Remembrance Day on Sunday and 100 years since the end of the First World War, we have been thinking about both of the World Wars. We learned that poppies are used to help us to remember the men and women that gave their lives during the wars. We found out that poppies grew on the battlefield. We also heard about some of the celebrations that people had at the end of the war.