School Lunches from 12th August 2020

When children return to school and nursery next week, they will be able to order a full school lunch.  Pupils order their lunch each morning and their choice is ready for them at lunchtime.

The Summer 2020 Menu will resume on Monday 17th August 2020, starting that day at Week 2.

Download the Nursery Summer 2020 Menu here.

Download the School Summer 2020 Menu here.

For 12th to 14th August 2020, there will be a temporary menu for that week only.

Nursery Lunch Menu for 12th to 14th August:

School Lunch Menu for 12th to 14th August:

Pupils in P1-3 are automatically entitled to a free school lunch and parents do not need to apply for this.

Pupils in P4-7 who pay for a lunch must have money added to their Parent Pay account.  Please contact the office from 11th August 2020 onwards if you need any assistance with Parent Pay.  Please note free school lunch for P4-7 are means tested and parents must apply each year via the South Lanarkshire Website.

Milk is available for purchase daily for 20p.  Children need to bring money to school for this.  At the moment, we are awaiting information if this will resume straight away.  We will provide an update on this as soon as information is received from SLC.

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