Woodhead World Tour Week 6 – Australia

Woodhead World Tour 2020

Week 6

It’s week 6 of our virtual tour around the world and our final stop is……


Option 1: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is possibly Australia’s most famous landmark. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October 1973. It hosts many events including ballet, pop concerts and theatre performances. We would like you to put on your own performance – maybe you like to sing, dance or act? It might be a gymnastics or Taekwondo performance…

Option 2: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most iconic structures. If you visit Australia you can even climb the bridge! We would like you to design and build your own bridge using any materials or media you choose. It can be as big or as small as you like. This website shows you an example bridge: https://www.danyabanya.com/sydney-harbour-bridge-craft/. If you don’t want to build a bridge you might like to have a go at drawing Sydney Harbour Bridge using this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9dMWf9VwKw.

Option 3: Come up with your own idea for an activity based on Australia.

Download the World Tour Passport and stamp the country once you have completed at least one activity.

Remember to share your photographs with us on Twitter @WoodheadPrimary

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