Contingency Planning for 23rd and 24th March 2020 UPDATE

South Lanarkshire have updated the contingency planning for Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March 2020 to include emergency service workers (ie NHS staff, police, fire  and rescue, ambulance and prison service).

This is only open to families whose children are well and healthy and who cannot secure personal, alternative childcare arrangements.

As planning develops, after Tuesday the council will look at provision for some other key workers delivering essential services.

Specific guidance related to our school for Monday 23rd March and Tuesday 24th March 2020:

  • Any children of Category 1 parents (and emergency services as outlined above) who do not have alternative childcare and therefore are coming to school, should arrive via the main entrance between 8.45am and 9am (School and Nursery pupils).
  •  Please speak with a member of school staff when you arrive to sign the children in and confirm arrangements for 3pm.
  • There will be no Breakfast Club provision.
  • Children are not required to wear school uniform.
  • No other pupils should attend school.

Arrangements for Free School Meals:

As detailed in the letter above, any P1-3 pupil and any P4-7 pupil entitled to free school meal can attend between 12pm and 1.30pm.  We ask that children are accompanied by an adult.  We cannot say for certain at present what the lunch will be, but it is likely to be a take away packed lunch.

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