Read and Write Gold – Gerry Mullen

Read&Write Gold Version 11.5

To access the program go to

  • Start menu
  • All programs
  • Core programs
  • Select ‘Read and Write 11 Gold’

A window will open asking you if you want to run this file. Click on ‘run’.

Due to the way in which RM have installed the program this box will open again and you will need to select ‘run’ again

You should now have the toolbar on your screen.

The toolbar can be moved around the screen and will sit on top of any window or application you have running.

You can lock the toolbar at the top of the screen by dragging it up to the top of the screen. To unlock it click on the small ‘anchor’ symbol at the far right of the toolbar.


The Toolbar and ‘All Video Tours’

The toolbar you’ll see will not show all of the available options. The options come in logical groups.

The icon          at the far right of the toolbar, if repeatedly pressed, will take you through all the other groups of options.

The down arrow next to this icon will allow you to customise the toolbar. One very useful choice in this drop down list is the ‘all video tours’. Use this option to get a short video presentation of every aspect of this powerful program. Our advice is to spend time with this. You’ll learn a lot about what this program can do.



Please don’t try out the screenshot reader. All that will happen is that you lock out the program and you’ll need to close down and open up again


I had a lot of discussion with Texthelp and RM and it transpires that for this to work, all users require a level of access that RM can’t allow.

They think they can solve the problem but not yet.