Cube Creator for Revision – from Allan Wilkie

Cube Creator is an innovative online resource that can be used by pupils as a way of learning and/or revising key elements of topics or texts. Follow the easy steps below and you will be able to make your own cube.cube

  1. Let’s focus on CHARACTERS in David Almond’s novel ‘Clay’. Use the information below to match specific characters with quotations from the novel. Take your pen or pencil and draw an arrow from the character’s name to the quotation which best fits that character.
·       Davie “He raised a finger, like he always did when he thought he was getting dead profound. He strode back and forward in front of us, closing his eyes, tapping his temples, gazing at the sky outside.” P155
·       Geordie “I saw his massive body, vicious face, pumping arms, fast thundering feet. He growled, grunted, snarled. I could smell the beer from his breath.” P77
·       Mouldy “We should set up nooses and all. Hang them down from the hawthorns so they run straight into them and get strangled. And we should definitely set tripwires to send them into the pond.” p22
·       Stephen Rose “She came lolloping out with her red hair flying. She had a big flappy dress and tartan slippers on. She tried to put her arm around the kid but he twisted away.” P2
·       Crazy Mary “Saturday night. Lie on my bed, wait in the dark. No moon. The tv rumbles below. I hear dad’s barks of laughter. Hell is on my mind, its searing flames, its savage devils, its prodding, poking, sniggering imps. I hear the howls and tears of the sinners.” P169
·       Prat “Geordie reckoned there was something dead weird about him. Geordie knew somebody that lived down the street from Crazy. They said they’d seen him in the garden at night, staring up at the moon.” P9


  1. Log on to the web browser and search for:
  2. Enter your name and click on ‘Create Your Own Cube’
  3. Fill in the necessary character information on the cube and then click on ‘Finish’.
  4. Click ‘Save Final’. Name your document –  i.e. CLAY CUBE (followed by your name). Save the finished document in your MY WORK area. Open your email. Attach the document and send it to (teacher e-mail address)
  5. Badger your teacher to print the document and then have fun folding!