Teaching and Learning Workshops

What is this all about?
Providing a collaborative, dialogue-based professional learning experience to any and all teachers who wish to attend, supported by ongoing learning throughout .

When and where will it be?
On Tuesday 11th February

What will it look like?
Events take a workshop rather than a presentation approach. We first ask teachers to sign up to lead a workshop and then we’ll open the event to everyone else at which point you’ll choose your workshops.

A selection of workshops will be available with three slots throughout the day so you are guaranteed to hear some helpful classroom ideas. This will not be a series of lectures but a day of workshops in which everyone is encouraged to get involved. Active not passive.

Programme for the Day
8.55 start

Brief, very brief introduction

9.05 – 9.45 Workshop One

9.45-9.50 Change Over

9.50 -10.30 Workshop 2

10.30-10.50 Break

11.0 – 11.40 Workshop 3

11.40 -11.45 Change Over

11.45- 12.10 Feedback sessions

Choose your workshops