It’s Competition Time!

It’s time to dust off your wooden spoons and put your pinny on.

We are having a ‘Lockdown’ Cook Off Competition
The details are in the picture . Time to get everyone involved, its a team effort! Let make our ‘Lockdown’ favourites and share them with our Holmston family.
Post your entries into your Teams page by Thursday 4th June. Good luck!

Sports Day Fun!

Well done to you all for taking part in our first virtual Sports Day. There was a huge amount of creativity shown and lots of energy! Mrs Reid will be busy totalling up all the house points. Here are just some of your photos and videos.

Wednesday News Update 13.5.20

I hope you are all trying to keep up with your reading and if you are in P4 to P7 make sure that you are going onto Accelerated Reader to complete the quizes – this way we can aim to reach 1,000,000 words in May! I have just read “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by Charlie Mackesy. It’s really enjoyable – I hope you like the pictures from it on this post.

The Holmston staff were in the hub yesterday supporting our key workers that do not have any childcare. It is very difficult for children to socially distance and going forward these are challenges we will we all have to think about.

Growth Mindsets
It is really important during these challenging times to make sure that we are still trying to promote thinking with a growth mindset with the children. Especially when it comes to curriculum areas like maths. Please don’t say to your child things like, “I found maths difficult” or “Maths is hard”. This can have a huge impact on children for the rest of their lives. Please have a look through the section on ‘Growth Mindsets’ on the school website for ideas and vocabulary to further support your child to think positively about learning.

Parent Maths Workshops
We will be organising some parental workshops very soon with Mr. Scott Morrow. These will be via ‘Zoom’ and open to our parents in P2 – P7. Scott will demonstrate the strategies and tools we use in school and answer any questions you may have. Scott is setting Maths challenges each Friday and if you need any support with any area of maths you can tag him though the class Team page. Look out for further information about this either by email or text. There will be a separate P1 sesssion later on.

Sports Day
This Friday would have been our Sports Day – so it will probably rain!  Please upload your sporty photos along with your house colour into your class Team so that we can score and add  to the House Point totals. We look forward to seeing you in action!

Thursday Update

It was great to see some of your happy faces yesterday – it really made my day! Keep an eye on our Twitter page and if I am in school jotters will be availabe in the playground – if you are passing on your daily exercise. Please remember to socially distance.

It is another long weekend and I know the teachers have been posting ideas all to do with VE day – please post any VE day celebrations or activities into Teams.

Here are some ideas you could do for a virtual VE day stay at home celebration.

Mrs Reid has been busy setting up the online House Points – she will keep track of any that have been awarded and if you are in P4-P7 take part in our Accelerated Reader Challenge to get additional House Points. Details are below.

Reading Challenge House Point Competition

We are challenging all children in Primaries 4-7 at Holmston Primary to read as many words as they can over the month of May.

Our target number of words is 1,000,000.

So far pupils have read 188,160 words.
We will be tracking the number of words read through Accelerated Reader. Children in Primaries 4-7 all have a username and password for this. Each time they complete a quiz the number of words in the book they have read is recorded. We will add these up to get the total number of words for each child, each class and the school collectively.

The child in each class that has read the most number of words each week will be awarded 10 House Points.

Come on Holmston. Let’s be millionaire readers!

Have a great long weekend and we’ll be back on Monday! Stay safe!

Star Wars Revenge of the Fifth!

We had some great ideas in our Star Wars Day. Here are some of the pictures. Well done everyone -it looks like you have had a lot of fun! We’ll give those Sith a run for their mony!

Here are some of your fantastic videos (we think some of the mums and dads enjoyed this task too!)

Brilliant work everyone!

Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you!

Today  is Star Wars Day – here are some ideas you might like to try out – you will of course have your own creative thoughts!

In each of the pictures there are some ‘odd ones out’ – characters that shouldn’t be there or maybe they’re from anothr film! Bonus points for naming them and saying why they are the odd one out.

Picture 1
Mr Hardy and his ‘friends’ are getting ready for Star Wars Day. Can you spot the odd one out? Comment if you spot them and bonus points for working out who they are and where they are from!

Answer – at the top left of the laptop – that’s Charon – The Devil’s Boatman from Clash of the Titans (the original film).

Picture 2 – These are the droids you’re looking for!

Luke is buying some droids from the Jawas. He needs them for helping out on Uncle Ben’s Farm – which ones would you pick? Can you design a droid that would help you? What would they do? What is their name? R2-D2 can fix starships, C3-PO can speak lots of different languages. Who shouldn’t be here though? – they’re not from Tattoine!

Answer – back right that’s VINCENT from The Black Hole and front right – that’s Daggit from Battlestar Galactica (the original series)

Picture 3 – Look out bounty hunters!
The Emperor and Darth Vader have hired this collection of mean bounty hunters to track down our heroes. Can you create a bounty hunter? What do they look like? What weapons do they use? What is their spaceship called and what does it look like? Boba Fett is my favourite – his ship is called….(bonus points from the answer!) Can you spot the two ‘bogus’ bounty hunters?

Answers – Third from right – that’s Princess Leia in her Boushh disguise and lurking at the back – that big red robot – it’s Maximillian from The Black Hole! Bobba Fett’s ship was called Slave 1.

Photograph 4 – Party at the Palace!
The guys from the Mos Eisley canteen are visiting Jabba the Hutt’s Palace for a party. Sy Snootles has just released a new single! They come from all over the universe. Can you design a new alien species? Draw a picture and create a factfile. What planet do they come from? How are they adapted to life on this planet? What languages do they speak? How tall do they grow? You could add in lots of your own details. Bib Fortuna has spotted someone that does not belong here – can you?

Answer – lurking at the back – looking at lot like Emporer Ming from Flash Gordon – is  Kelek, an evil sorcerer from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons!

You can upload any of your pictures into Teams and we’ll share some on here. Remember – may the force be with you!

Friday Update

What a busy week it has been – Holmston and the other Cluster staff worked at the Forehill Hub this week looking after children of Key Workers. Every Cluster is responsible for running one of the hub schools across the authority.

Staff have also been very busy with the online learning, reviewing the work of the school and starting to plan and make arrangements for our return and next session. However, we still do not know when this will happen or what it will look like.

We are also starting to plan for our new P1 intake – which will be very different this year and we are developing a webpage to help new parents find out about Holmston.

In the meantime – remember Monday and Friday next week are public holidays so no new work will go up onto Teams on these days. However, Monday is Star Wars Day – Mr Hardy and his ‘friends’ are getting ready for this. Can you spot the odd one out? Comment if you spot them and bonus points for working out who they are and where they are from!

Remember to upload any Star Wars themed photos into your Teams – there are house points available for your creative entries!

Friday is also VE Day – we’d like to see any pictures of you celebrating too!

As always, take care, keep safe and if we can help in anyway please contact us via the school email.

Have a great long weekend.

Maths Resources from Nrich

This has just been sent out from Nrich – a great Maths site:

We’re really enjoying hearing from students who have been working on the tasks from our latest primary and secondary Maths at Home features. Don’t forget you can share your students’ thinking on Twitter.

If you’ve not already seen it, you may also like to take a look at our Maths Fair resources which include a variety of our favourite hands-on tasks your students can try offline, on their own or with family members.

Star Wars Creative Challenge

Next Monday is Star Wars Day – so the challenge for next Monday is to get creative with the theme of Star Wars – you could cook, act, sing, re-create images from the films – use the force of your imagination! We look forward to seeing your photos and videos. House Points for creative entries!


Grant Fund

There is a grant being offered by One Parent Families Scotland which can assist families on low incomes who are under intense financial pressure due to the coronavirus and are struggling.

OPFS Coronavirus has an emergency Energy Fund that can provide a one off payment of £50 to single parent families in Scotland who need help with energy bills.

Please contact us if you think you qualify.

Friday News

We bid a fond farewell to Miss Lynch today and wish her all the best in her new job.

And we are very please to announce that baby Liam was born on Thursday. Miss Bell and Liam are both well and are safely back at home. We can’t wait to meet him.

We hope you have had a great week. Have a relaxing weekend and look after each other – we’ll be back again on Monday.

We would also like to say ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ to all  our families celebrating.


Hospital Art

One of our parents has very kindly volunteered to help us to bring some hope and brightness to the staff and patients at the Hospital.

The hospital has asked for children to create some artwork to be displayed in the corridors and doors of the hospital.

If you would like to take part follow the instructions below.

  1. Create your cheerful picture and colour it in. paint/ pens/crayon/pencils
  2. Take a photo of your artwork and upload this to your class Teams and your teacher will then send it to Mr Hardy or Mrs Reid to be added to the Holmston Website pages where we can spread the cheerfulness further.
  3. There are instructions in Teams about where to drop your pictures off. Please do not take them to the Hospital
  4. The box with be collected by a nurse from the Hospital.
  5. If you cannot drop you artwork off please send a photo of it into either your Team or the school email.


Thursday Update

I hope you are all settling into a routine of some description and if you need any support please get in contact with us.

Please make sure you are accessing Teams as pupils now can get a log in for Education City. The details for this are in the Class Teams sites. We will be contacting families that have not logged on next week to see how we can support you to do this.

The website list has been updated with some new links. Please have a browse through some of the sites. These include virtual museums, resources for different subjects and links to YouTube channels for yoga, card game ideas and multiplication songs.

We will be starting an Accelerated Reader Challenge during May for the P4 to P7s. Links to the quiz pages and book finder can also be found in the useful website section. Here you can also find instructions for joining the librarby to borrow ebooks and a link to the free audiobook version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Even if you are facing challenges completing any of the online work try to share a book with your child or encourage them to read as often as they can. Please contact us if you need any passwords or usernames.

Stay safe!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back! We all hope you had a good break over Easter with the lovely weather that we have been having. It looks like we will be continuing with our virtual school life for a while longer. All the teachers have been busy preparing for this week back and have uploaded work into Teams. This week will be Miss Lynch’s last week and Mrs Davies and Mrs Bate will take care of the P2 Team site in the meantime. We would like to thank Miss Lynch for all her hard work and we wish her well for the future.

We fully appreciate how challenging learning and working from home can be so please make sure that you look after yourselves and do not put additional pressure on your families at the difficult time. Do what works for your situation. When we get back, we have an excellent team of staff that will fill in any gaps in learning – this is what they are fantatstic at doing. Try to keep reading, share books, cook or do PE with Joe. I have now mastered the art of Tik-Tok!

The BBC have started a series of programmes that can be accessed online or through the red button on your remote to support learning – not only do they have over 200 teachers delivering lessons but the presenters also include Brian Cox teaching key science topics and Manchester City footballer, Sergio Aguero teaching Spanish.

We would like all our pupils to be on Teams so if you haven’t been on yet please try to do this. If you need any help please email into the Holmston mail account.

We will keep you updated regularly so please check back and follow us on Twitter for further ideas.

Easter Update

What a term it has been but we have made it to the Easter break! I would like you thank all the staff. They have worked so hard to learn new skills and suppport each other to ensure that the learning continues at home.  They are an amazing team. Thank you for your patience and co-operation too at this very challenging time. I know the holidays this year will be different but there are lots of links on the home learning section of the website and work on the teams sites to help you keep occupied. Emails will still be monitored over the holiday period although teachers will not be uploading new material onto teams during this time.

As we missed our Spring Serice here are a couple of our Easter songs you can join in with.
Spring Chicken Song
The Chocolate Song

…and we are missing our friends from Southcraig too!
You Will Be Found – Southcraig Choir  #wecanchangetheworld!

We all hope you have a safe break  – try not to eat too much chocolate – and we will be back in touch soon.


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