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Maths Challenge – Elf Suits!

elf2Mrs Claus made four of the workshop elves new suits for Christmas.

Each suit had matching trousers, waistcoat, jacket and hat.

One suit was all red, one was all green, one was all yellow and one was all blue. The elves were delighted with their presents, but decided it would be fun to wear a different outfit every day for as many days as possible. So they agreed to swap around parts of their suits until they ran out of new combinations.

How many days did their fun last?


Maths Challenge of the Week (1) – Scottish Culture Week

broonsandoorwulliePaw Broon has won the Postcode lottery! Hooray!

He spent two thirds of his winnings on a baronial Highland castle.

He spent two thirds of what he had left  on a luxury yacht so he could take the family on a tour of the Scottish Islands and sea lochs.

Then he spent two thirds of what he had left on funding a scientific expedition to locate the Loch Ness Monster.

He spent his final £20,000 on treating Maw Broon to a week at Skibo Castle.

How much did Paw Brown win on the lottery?