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Outdoor Learning Adventure in Rozelle

Today we went on a trip to Rozelle for some fabulous outdoor learning all thanks to Stagecoach, who helped us to get there FOR FREE on our very own private Stagecoach double decker bus!  3 parents took the opportunity to join our learning today. 

The weather was beautiful and we loved having so much space to run around and explore. We even went on a hunt to find the Gruffalo and climbed on top of his big tree stump hideout.

P67 have been learning all about different artists and the techniques that they use. We were delighted that local artist Tom Craig could join us to tell us all about his exhibition at the Maclaurin Art Gallery. We even recognised some of the  places from his paintings!

He had a lot of interesting stories to tell us about his travels to Papua New Guinea.


We were all feeling really inspired and held our own drawing competition which was judged by Tom himself. Well done to Elsi, Campbell and Eve that won.

We had a Scavenger Hunt to find objects that start with the different letters of Tom Craig’s name. It was a lot harder than we thought! Look at all of the beautiful Crocus flowers that we spotted.

What the kids said…


  • I liked sitting on a tree stump when I had my snack. I enjoyed doing the scavenger hunt to find things that spelled out TOM CRAIG because that was the name of the artist.
  • I liked chatting with Tom Craig.
  • I liked drawing.
  • I liked looking at all the artist’s things.
  • I liked all the paintings especially one that was shiny.
  • I thought it was really nice that we got to go on a double decker bus!! I really liked the painting when it looked like it was raining.
  • I found the scavenger hunt competition fun because we got to choose what things we could find.


  • I really liked the picture of Croc Rock. My mum might be getting one because she really liked it. My mum really enjoyed it and my baby brother.
  • I liked getting fresh air, especially when we had been in the rooms because it was quite warm. I enjoyed the double decker bus because I was sitting at the top.
  • Today was my first time EVER in a double decker bus.
  • My favourite parts were the double decker bus and the scavenger hunt. I didn’t like the gallery much because it was a bit boring but I would like to make the things I saw.
  • I thought it was really nice that we all got to go out as a whole school. I really enjoyed getting to look at all the paintings. There was one I really liked because it was a view of Arran from Dunure.


  • I liked when we were on the double decker bus.
  • I liked looking at the Tom Craig artwork because I liked the colours and the way he did it.
  • I enjoyed doing the drawing competition because I to draw a BB8.
  • At the end when we were waiting for the bus some of us were sun bathing and looking up at the clouds.
  • On the way back to school I was at the top of the double decker and looking out the window and I could feel branches hitting the window.
  • I liked winning the drawing competition because you got to make your own picture. I used different pictures by Tom Craig.
  • I enjoyed when we were crowding round The Gruffalo because we got to climb up little logs that were around him.
  • I enjoyed everything and going on the double decker bus.




Steven Brown Visit

We have just had a lovely visit from local artist Steven Brown.

Steven answered all of our questions and told us all about his famous paintings. 

We showed Steven the art work we have created based on his work.

He loved them!!!


He then very kindly gave us all a signed copy of his new colouring book 🙂

We couldn’t wait to get started on our favourite pieces

These are the questions we asked Steven …

Do you draw first and then paint? CM

Where do you get your ideas from? LO

How do you focus? AG

Why do you choose bright colours? MD

Is it easy or hard to paint the animals? MYC

How do you paint the colours so neatly? KD

How do you stay in the lines? LD

Do you work independently? HA

Telling the Time

For Outdoor Learning today we had lots of fun playing time games. First we played days of the week hopscotch

Then we had to find the months of the year that were hidden all around the playground. We had to identify which month special events happen and also find our birthday month.

After that we got busy making our own clocks and testing each other to make different times

We then made a huge clock

and finished off our lesson with a game of

‘Whats the time Mr Wolf?!’

MD “I liked playing Whats the time Mr Wolf?’

ES “I liked making the clocks and playing Mr Wolf”

KS “I liked making the clock because we got to use twigs for the clock hands. I liked playing the big clock game but the wind kept blowing the hands!”

MYC “I liked using our little clocks and making the time with them”

LT “It was fun playing the game when we moved the big clock hands”

OL “I enjoyed playing whats the time Mr Wolf – I was the fastest”

HA “I enjoyed all of it!”

LO “I had fun playing the clock game”

Personal Projects

P1-3 have been working hard at home researching a country and finding facts to share with the rest of the class. Pupils chose their own way of presenting the information they found … we even got to try shortbread and fortune cookies! Yum!

Well done everyone! Projects are now proudly displayed in the gym hall 🙂

Here is what the pupils enjoyed about their homework task …

“I enjoyed colouring in the great wall of china and I loved trying the fortune cookies” KS

“I like my castle and Scotland flag. I liked colouring in with Gran.” ES

“I liked putting Luigi and Mario on my poster because they come from Italy” MD

“I liked helping Mum make my poster” MYC

“I liked making the poi and showing it to the class. I liked typing on the PowerPoint” OL

” I liked wearing the hat and all of it” HA

“I liked doing my PowerPoint and helping my mum” CM