Personal Projects

P1-3 have been working hard at home researching a country and finding facts to share with the rest of the class. Pupils chose their own way of presenting the information they found … we even got to try shortbread and fortune cookies! Yum!

Well done everyone! Projects are now proudly displayed in the gym hall 🙂

Here is what the pupils enjoyed about their homework task …

“I enjoyed colouring in the great wall of china and I loved trying the fortune cookies” KS

“I like my castle and Scotland flag. I liked colouring in with Gran.” ES

“I liked putting Luigi and Mario on my poster because they come from Italy” MD

“I liked helping Mum make my poster” MYC

“I liked making the poi and showing it to the class. I liked typing on the PowerPoint” OL

” I liked wearing the hat and all of it” HA

“I liked doing my PowerPoint and helping my mum” CM

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