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That’s Entertainment !!

Our home learning project has been linked to our learning theme of entertainment.  Today we shared our newly developed skills.  We had solo singing, stand up comedy, segwaying, unicycling, dancing, juggling and magic! We were thoroughly entertained.   

Pupils reflections and peer assessment comments:

  • I liked that we had to learn a new skill and you got to choose what you wanted to do.
  • It was really funny when Mr McP was on the Segway.
  • Feedback from my friends was quite good because I got to know how I could improve.
  • I enjoyed people liking my stand up but I was disappointed that I lost 1 mark because I didn’t bring in my planning sheet.
  • It’s not easy to learn new stuff all the time but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
  • The stuff that people were doing was really fun because it was different stuff than people normally do.
  • You would think learning a new skill is quite hard but choosing which one to do was also quite hard.
  • It was a really good afternoon because everyone was performing their new skills and it was entertaining.
  • It makes you nervous but once you start you get more confident and it gets better.
  • I enjoyed watching the skills because they were entertaining.
  • I was very impressed by the range of skills P67 developed. 




P67 Enterprise Project – Tuck

Maths homework

P67 have been set a bargain hunting task. They have to be on the lookout for healthy tuck items….at a good price! Cereal bars, breakfast biscuits, fruits, cheese triangles, pancakes, digestives and frubes are all favourites. If they bring in any items + receipt they will be reimbursed from the tuck fund. The tuck shop is very much a P67 enterprise project and the responsibility is theirs. Please support this project by helping your child keep the shop fully stocked.

Personal Projects

P1-3 have been working hard at home researching a country and finding facts to share with the rest of the class. Pupils chose their own way of presenting the information they found … we even got to try shortbread and fortune cookies! Yum!

Well done everyone! Projects are now proudly displayed in the gym hall 🙂

Here is what the pupils enjoyed about their homework task …

“I enjoyed colouring in the great wall of china and I loved trying the fortune cookies” KS

“I like my castle and Scotland flag. I liked colouring in with Gran.” ES

“I liked putting Luigi and Mario on my poster because they come from Italy” MD

“I liked helping Mum make my poster” MYC

“I liked making the poi and showing it to the class. I liked typing on the PowerPoint” OL

” I liked wearing the hat and all of it” HA

“I liked doing my PowerPoint and helping my mum” CM