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The Wee Class

Enjoy the Summer Break!!

Below you will find some information about reading, phonics and spelling that will help you ensure your child is ready for the new session in August.

There are also lots of links at the bottom of the page that you can continue to use to support learning at home 🙂


 Any books that have been allocated but not completed will be left on Bug Club over the summer break.

It would be great if you could please log on to complete these before returning to school in August!


Primary 1 Phonics and Common Words

Here is an up-to-date list of sounds covered in P1 for you to use for consolidation of learning. Sounds highlighted in red were introduced as part of home learning so if any have been missed it would be greatly appreciated if you could introduce these to your child before returning to school in August.

a t s i p n
r m d e c k
ck g l f o b
u h w j v y
z q(u) x sh th ch
ng wh ph ee oo ck
ai oy oa ie or er
ar ou ue      

Primary 3/4 Spelling

Below you will find a note of where each group should have completed up to in their ‘My Spelling Workbook’. If they have not yet completed up to this point, it would be greatly appreciated if they could do so before returning to school in August. Please return your child’s workbook to school in August.

The Great Whites: up to the end of Book C Unit 9

The Megalodons: up to the end of Book D Unit 11

Shark Boy: All of Book D

Find spelling games for your words on Spelling City are organised by book letter and unit number.


Additional Resources and Weblinks

Active Schools resources:

Activity Diary A5 3 (1)

Activity Diary A5 3

Football A4 Print (1)

Football A4 Print

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF (1)

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF

Home Resources – Athletics Digital (1)

Home Resources – Athletics Digital

Resources for Learning Through Play

Click this link for ideas of indoor play activities: 140 INDOOR PLAY IDEAS

Here is a link to the Play Scotland Loose Parts Leaflet

More play experience ideas and the links to ‘teaching points’ so you can see the wonderful benefits of these experiences!

More Play Ideas!– great for P1 but can be adapted to other ages too! There’s also a great playdough  recipe in this file 🙂

Useful Weblinks 

Suitable for all learners:

Bug Club (own login required)

Spelling City

Education City (own login required – please email me if you need a copy of yours)

Reading Wise (own login required)

Topmarks (Maths and Literacy)

Free ebooks (need to create login – free)

Money activities

Maths games

Maths games and activities

Phunky Foods   (username: fisherton     password: phunky)

Music Lab





Suitable for P1s: (create login or download app)


Suitable for P3 and P4:

Accelerated Reader (own login required)

Nessy (secret word: Hushedhaggis   monkey name: your name)

Maths games


Link for parents to access free resources to download:




What we have been learning this week…


“We had fun building dens and learning to work together! Me and my friends built a horse barn and it had jumps”

We have been learning about nature. We learned about mini-beasts and the life cycle of a butterfly.

In Masterclass we made fruit kebabs. They were tasty – I tried melon!

The P4s went sewing with Mrs McGinn. We liked learning a new skill.

We learned to measure in Maths. We measured our heights and other objects. We used metres and centimetres!

We measured each other!

We created fact files for writing this week. I learned that if you touch a hairy caterpillar, you might get a rash!


In the Wee Class we have been learning…

In Maths we have been learning about Arrays. They help us to multiply numbers.

We have also been learning our 3 times table.

We have started a new “Getting Ready to Learn” project. Every day when we come in to class in the morning, after playtime and after lunch time we listen to a mindfulness video and practise our breathing to help us get ready to learn. In the morning, when we are done we can choose to say good morning with a high 5, “how are you doing?”, a hug, a smile or a handshake!

For British Science week, we have been carrying out some investigations. We have written our predictions and then recording what happened. We did the Dancing Raisins investigation and the Scared Pepper investigation.

On Wednesday, The NSPCC came in to talk to us about staying safe.

We self assessed our stories. We used highlighters to mark the VCOP that we used. We gave ourselves 2 stars and a wish.

We are also busy getting ready for our Learning Festival in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait to show off our work and talents!!


Outdoor Learning Adventure in Rozelle

Today we went on a trip to Rozelle for some fabulous outdoor learning all thanks to Stagecoach, who helped us to get there FOR FREE on our very own private Stagecoach double decker bus!  3 parents took the opportunity to join our learning today. 

The weather was beautiful and we loved having so much space to run around and explore. We even went on a hunt to find the Gruffalo and climbed on top of his big tree stump hideout.

P67 have been learning all about different artists and the techniques that they use. We were delighted that local artist Tom Craig could join us to tell us all about his exhibition at the Maclaurin Art Gallery. We even recognised some of the  places from his paintings!

He had a lot of interesting stories to tell us about his travels to Papua New Guinea.


We were all feeling really inspired and held our own drawing competition which was judged by Tom himself. Well done to Elsi, Campbell and Eve that won.

We had a Scavenger Hunt to find objects that start with the different letters of Tom Craig’s name. It was a lot harder than we thought! Look at all of the beautiful Crocus flowers that we spotted.

What the kids said…


  • I liked sitting on a tree stump when I had my snack. I enjoyed doing the scavenger hunt to find things that spelled out TOM CRAIG because that was the name of the artist.
  • I liked chatting with Tom Craig.
  • I liked drawing.
  • I liked looking at all the artist’s things.
  • I liked all the paintings especially one that was shiny.
  • I thought it was really nice that we got to go on a double decker bus!! I really liked the painting when it looked like it was raining.
  • I found the scavenger hunt competition fun because we got to choose what things we could find.


  • I really liked the picture of Croc Rock. My mum might be getting one because she really liked it. My mum really enjoyed it and my baby brother.
  • I liked getting fresh air, especially when we had been in the rooms because it was quite warm. I enjoyed the double decker bus because I was sitting at the top.
  • Today was my first time EVER in a double decker bus.
  • My favourite parts were the double decker bus and the scavenger hunt. I didn’t like the gallery much because it was a bit boring but I would like to make the things I saw.
  • I thought it was really nice that we all got to go out as a whole school. I really enjoyed getting to look at all the paintings. There was one I really liked because it was a view of Arran from Dunure.


  • I liked when we were on the double decker bus.
  • I liked looking at the Tom Craig artwork because I liked the colours and the way he did it.
  • I enjoyed doing the drawing competition because I to draw a BB8.
  • At the end when we were waiting for the bus some of us were sun bathing and looking up at the clouds.
  • On the way back to school I was at the top of the double decker and looking out the window and I could feel branches hitting the window.
  • I liked winning the drawing competition because you got to make your own picture. I used different pictures by Tom Craig.
  • I enjoyed when we were crowding round The Gruffalo because we got to climb up little logs that were around him.
  • I enjoyed everything and going on the double decker bus.




This week in the Wee Class…

This week our Mental Maths strategy is bridging – we used it to take away.

 e.g. 12 – 7 = 12 – 2 -5 = 5

For Creativity we were challenged to work in groups to design our own video games. We drew out our ideas and stuck them on to our ‘Ideas Board’.

We have been reading non-fiction and fiction books with our Reading Buddies.

In Maths we learned about fractions. Fractions are equal parts of a whole.

We did our Literacy Rotation – we did our spelling workbooks and were ‘Dictionary Detectives’!

For writing, we created our own characters. We had to use exciting adjectives to describe our characters.  We had to match each others descriptions with the right picture.


This week in the Wee Class…

We made Valentine’s cards by folding and cutting different coloured paper to make symmetrical hearts. We used glue sticks to stick them on to the card!

We gave the cards to our mums, dads, grans and papas 🙂

In Numeracy, we used counting back and counting on to solve subtraction problems. Some people found it challenging!

We got new jotters for maths!

We learned about similes and then we wrote simile poems.

For spelling, we were practising our tricky words.




Scottish Taster Open Afternoon

We held a wonderful open afternoon to celebrate all that is Scottish. We supported local business, sampled local produce and enjoyed some Scottish entertainment.  We really are a small school with a massive heart and are passionate about community involvement, this was a great event to open our doors and welcome everyone in!  Visitors could browse the classrooms, visit the food fayre and enjoy entertainment from our young people.

We had food donations from  some local small businesses:

Davie McKay

Deli sh

Broun’s Bistro

Doonfoot CO-OP

The whole afternoon was a great display of community involvement and sharing a wealth of local produce with our young people.

What the kids said….


  • I liked it because I like the Irn Bru and the shortbread.
  • I liked it all.
  • I enjoyed all the parents coming in.
  • I loved drinking the Irn Bru and trying out the haggis crisps, with the cheese it was delicious.
  • I tried haggis crisps and honey. I liked that people from the community came to our Scottish taster.
  • I loved the shortbread.
  • I didn’t like the fact I didn’t notice the tattie scones! I liked singing the song.
  • I found it very stressful pouring the Irn Bru. I loved the honey, especially the one in the middle. In the beginning I was afraid to do my speech but after I read it I felt a weight had been pushed off.


  • Yesterday we tried new food. I liked the Irn Bru
  • At our Scottish taster afternoon I showed my mum what I had been making in the class and I tried the haggis bon bons.
  • I liked everything because I liked how you could make stuff, I really like the square sausage and I like how eve was playing the bagpipes.
  • I liked the haggis balls and I liked the shortbread.
  • I liked when E and P did their reply fae the lassies. It was funny and she made a funny poster.
  • I really enjoyed all the speeches and listening to the toast to the lassies. I likes saying the reply as well. I really liked the wee ones poems because they were really cute saying them. I think it worked much better than the normal Burns supper that we have because the younger ones don’t like sitting down so long. I liked that people could go round the classes and go to the hall to try new foods. It had a relaxed welcoming feel.


  • Some didn’t like the haggis balls but I loved them. The look of them put you off but they were nice. My dad enjoyed coming up.
  • I really liked the shortbread and I liked the speeches because they were really funny.
  • I enjoyed being the butcher because I enjoyed talking to all the people and giving them information.
  • I liked the haggis crisps and it was my first time tasting them.
  • I liked tasting the food especially the shortbread and the cheese. I liked wearing my kilt!
  • I liked the shortbread and the Irn Bru. I liked saying my poem in front of all the people.
  • I liked the shortbread and the cheese.
  • I liked the cheese and having my wee brother up to school.