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Monday 1st June 2020

This week’s theme is:


Here is a link to this week’s learning grid with suggested activities around our theme.


Mrs Hamilton’s Philosophical question of the week:

What is friendship?

Why is it important? One reason we choose our friends is because we like doing the same stuff as them, but would it be better to have friends who are different to us we can learn stuff from? Is it possible to become friends with an enemy? Or someone very different like Wilbur (a pig) and Charlotte (a spider).

You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing.   – Charlotte’s Web

Our Lending Library is open and will be available at school every Monday 10.30am-11.30am

You can borrow books for Accelerated Reader or to simply read for enjoyment.

Below is information about this week’s Reading, Spelling and Phonics.

Don’t forget the links at the bottom of the page for lots of online activities!


Your new book for this week has been added to Bug Club.

P1s have copies of some books at home and I will also add them to Bug Club. I have added previous books too for extra reading practice if you would like 😊

P1 – ‘We Can Do It’ (this is a non-fiction text)

Hippos – ‘Good Deed Day’ (fiction)

Elephants – ‘The Powerful Potion’ (fiction)

Zebras – No new reading – please catch up on any books you have left to complete on Bug Club

Lions – ‘The Snow Queen’ Part 2 (fiction)



Primary 1 Phonics and Common Words

SOUND: ‘ou’ (as in cloud)

Idea for parents – SILLY SOUP: write words with these sounds on small pieces of paper (real words and nonsense words) and fold each piece of paper and put in a large bowl. Your child then uses a ladle or spoon to pick out a word, they have a go at blending the sounds to read the word and have to decide if it is REAL or SILLY!

You may also find useful activities on Twinkl (link at bottom of the page).

COMMON WORDS – him, all, came

Practice reading and writing your common words.

Idea for parents – common word splat. Write the common words on pieces of paper/post-its or with chalk on the ground (add in previously learned ones too for extra challenge) and then give your child something they can swat with (e.g. plastic fish slice) – you call out a word and they have to swat it as quickly as they can. You could use a points system for some added Numeracy – 2 points for every word they get correct.


Primary 3/4 Spelling

The Great Whites: Book C Unit 9 (part 1) – ‘old’

The Megalodons: Book D Unit 10 (part 2) – words with hyphens

Shark Boy: completed Book D 🙂

Find spelling games for your words on Spelling City – Find your book and unit number.


This Week’s Writing Challenge:

Imaginative Writing – Write a story with the title ‘The Storm’ (or choose another, weather-related title).

When writing your story here are some things to consider:

  • Beginning – introduce the setting and any main characters. Use lots of adjectives and descriptive phrases. Where does your story take place? At sea? In a forest? At the beach?
  • Middle – this should be the most exciting part of your story where the main action takes place. Create a problem for the character (this is possibly when the storm begins). If describing the setting further, including the storm, think about describing it through the senses – what does the character SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMEEL/TASTE?
  • End – You want your reader to feel satisfied at the end of your story – this is usually the part where you solve the problem for the character. OR…you could have a cliff hanger ending that leaves your reader wanting more!!!

Remember you were given a copy of your writing success criteria home – self assess by using this to check the standard of your work or ask someone at home to check it over. Think about things like punctuation (capital letters, full stops), does your writing make sense, have you tried to use different sentence openers, have you included any WOW words.


Numeracy & Maths

See Learning Grid as well as online activities (links below)

*note for parents – if you would like copy of answer sheets for any maths activities sent home, please email me (email address below).


Click the links for some Active Schools resources:

Activity Diary A5 3 (1)

Activity Diary A5 3

Football A4 Print (1)

Football A4 Print

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF (1)

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF

Home Resources – Athletics Digital (1)

Home Resources – Athletics Digital


Please send us photos of what you are up to at home and we can add them to our Twitter and Facebook page to inspire others!


Our top tips during school closure:

  1. Keep a bedtime and wake up time for week days.
  2. Plan your days to include some learning time (this includes learning through play), some creative time (arts & crafts), some chores time (to help develop responsibility), some exercise time and some relaxation time (we need to keep our bodies and minds healthy).
  3. Enjoy books just for the joy! Read…read…and read some more!
  4. Bake and cook together.
  5. Get outside for plenty of fresh air!

There are some links below to ideas of play experiences which will be fun and enjoyable and keep your child learning 🙂

You will also find useful weblinks at the bottom of this page.

If you have forgotten any of your login information, please send Mrs Martin an email and I will be happy to resend this 🙂

Helpful Resources

Click this link for ideas of indoor play activities: 140 INDOOR PLAY IDEAS

Here is a link to the Play Scotland Loose Parts Leaflet

More play experience ideas and the links to ‘teaching points’ so you can see the wonderful benefits of these experiences!

More Play Ideas!– great for P1 but can be adapted to other ages too! There’s also a great playdough  recipe in this file 🙂


Click on the links below for an electronic copy of your Home Learning Information Sheet:

Primary 1

Primary 3

Primary 4

Useful Weblinks 

Suitable for all learners:

Bug Club (own login required)

Spelling City

Education City (own login required – please email me if you need a copy of yours)

Reading Wise (own login required)

Topmarks (Maths and Literacy)

Free ebooks (need to create login – free)

Money activities

Maths games

Maths games and activities

Phunky Foods   (username: fisherton     password: phunky)

Music Lab





Suitable for P1s: (create login or download app)


Suitable for P3 and P4:

Accelerated Reader (own login required)

Nessy (secret word: Hushedhaggis   monkey name: your name)

Maths games


Link for parents to access free resources to download:



Please email me if you have any queries about your child’s learning

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