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Enjoy the Summer Break!!

Below you will find some information about reading, phonics and spelling that will help you ensure your child is ready for the new session in August.

There are also lots of links at the bottom of the page that you can continue to use to support learning at home 🙂


 Any books that have been allocated but not completed will be left on Bug Club over the summer break.

It would be great if you could please log on to complete these before returning to school in August!


Primary 1 Phonics and Common Words

Here is an up-to-date list of sounds covered in P1 for you to use for consolidation of learning. Sounds highlighted in red were introduced as part of home learning so if any have been missed it would be greatly appreciated if you could introduce these to your child before returning to school in August.

a t s i p n
r m d e c k
ck g l f o b
u h w j v y
z q(u) x sh th ch
ng wh ph ee oo ck
ai oy oa ie or er
ar ou ue      

Primary 3/4 Spelling

Below you will find a note of where each group should have completed up to in their ‘My Spelling Workbook’. If they have not yet completed up to this point, it would be greatly appreciated if they could do so before returning to school in August. Please return your child’s workbook to school in August.

The Great Whites: up to the end of Book C Unit 9

The Megalodons: up to the end of Book D Unit 11

Shark Boy: All of Book D

Find spelling games for your words on Spelling City are organised by book letter and unit number.


Additional Resources and Weblinks

Active Schools resources:

Activity Diary A5 3 (1)

Activity Diary A5 3

Football A4 Print (1)

Football A4 Print

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF (1)

Football Resource A4 single pages PDF

Home Resources – Athletics Digital (1)

Home Resources – Athletics Digital

Resources for Learning Through Play

Click this link for ideas of indoor play activities: 140 INDOOR PLAY IDEAS

Here is a link to the Play Scotland Loose Parts Leaflet

More play experience ideas and the links to ‘teaching points’ so you can see the wonderful benefits of these experiences!

More Play Ideas!– great for P1 but can be adapted to other ages too! There’s also a great playdough  recipe in this file 🙂

Useful Weblinks 

Suitable for all learners:

Bug Club (own login required)

Spelling City

Education City (own login required – please email me if you need a copy of yours)

Reading Wise (own login required)

Topmarks (Maths and Literacy)

Free ebooks (need to create login – free)

Money activities

Maths games

Maths games and activities

Phunky Foods   (username: fisherton     password: phunky)

Music Lab





Suitable for P1s: (create login or download app)


Suitable for P3 and P4:

Accelerated Reader (own login required)

Nessy (secret word: Hushedhaggis   monkey name: your name)

Maths games


Link for parents to access free resources to download:




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