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What we have been learning this week…


“We had fun building dens and learning to work together! Me and my friends built a horse barn and it had jumps”

We have been learning about nature. We learned about mini-beasts and the life cycle of a butterfly.

In Masterclass we made fruit kebabs. They were tasty – I tried melon!

The P4s went sewing with Mrs McGinn. We liked learning a new skill.

We learned to measure in Maths. We measured our heights and other objects. We used metres and centimetres!

We measured each other!

We created fact files for writing this week. I learned that if you touch a hairy caterpillar, you might get a rash!


In the Wee Class we have been learning…

In Maths we have been learning about Arrays. They help us to multiply numbers.

We have also been learning our 3 times table.

We have started a new “Getting Ready to Learn” project. Every day when we come in to class in the morning, after playtime and after lunch time we listen to a mindfulness video and practise our breathing to help us get ready to learn. In the morning, when we are done we can choose to say good morning with a high 5, “how are you doing?”, a hug, a smile or a handshake!

For British Science week, we have been carrying out some investigations. We have written our predictions and then recording what happened. We did the Dancing Raisins investigation and the Scared Pepper investigation.

On Wednesday, The NSPCC came in to talk to us about staying safe.

We self assessed our stories. We used highlighters to mark the VCOP that we used. We gave ourselves 2 stars and a wish.

We are also busy getting ready for our Learning Festival in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait to show off our work and talents!!


This week in the Wee Class…

This week our Mental Maths strategy is bridging – we used it to take away.

 e.g. 12 – 7 = 12 – 2 -5 = 5

For Creativity we were challenged to work in groups to design our own video games. We drew out our ideas and stuck them on to our ‘Ideas Board’.

We have been reading non-fiction and fiction books with our Reading Buddies.

In Maths we learned about fractions. Fractions are equal parts of a whole.

We did our Literacy Rotation – we did our spelling workbooks and were ‘Dictionary Detectives’!

For writing, we created our own characters. We had to use exciting adjectives to describe our characters.  We had to match each others descriptions with the right picture.


This week in the Wee Class…

We made Valentine’s cards by folding and cutting different coloured paper to make symmetrical hearts. We used glue sticks to stick them on to the card!

We gave the cards to our mums, dads, grans and papas 🙂

In Numeracy, we used counting back and counting on to solve subtraction problems. Some people found it challenging!

We got new jotters for maths!

We learned about similes and then we wrote simile poems.

For spelling, we were practising our tricky words.




This week in the Wee Class

We made our own tartan designs using wax crayons and painted over them with water-based paint.

We made our own Scottish word searches.

We followed a recipe to make shortbread.

We wrote out our shortbread recipe.

We finished our Scottish maps.

We were really excited to welcome parents and visitors to the school for our Scottish Taster afternoon! We showed them our work and performed songs and poems.

For Chinese New Year we made spring rolls and dumplings with Miss Lily.

This week in The Wee Class….

Learning Experiences

We learned about Scottish artists and painted our own pictures of Peploe’s ‘Tulips’.

We wrote newspaper articles about Nessie and the Kelpies! We had to write  headlines and say WHAT had happened, WHEN and WHERE  it happened,  WHO was involved and WHY.

We explored the percussion instruments and added them in to a well-known Scottish song…but shh…we are keeping it a secret to perform for our parents next week!!

My favourite instrument to play was the cymbals.

Some of us used play doh to practise my spelling words.

We learned about different food that comes from Scotland.

Haggis, neeps and tatties is popular.

Whiskey comes from Scotland.

Some popular cheese comes from Scottish islands.