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Materials, materials, materials!

In Science we have been learning about materials and their uses. We can describe the properties of materials and we can identify different materials in our environment.

Today we went on a material hunt. Have a look at some of the things we found …

We looked at old and new houses and discussed the different materials used. We also found lots of brick walls that all looked different.

Here is what we thought of our lesson today:

“I enjoyed going on our material hunt. I found a post box that was made from metal and wood. The box was made from metal because it is strong and waterproof.” MYC

“We found walls made from bricks. The old and new walls were both made from bricks but were different” MD

“I liked the material hunt and taking pictures” KD

“I took the picture of the wall that was made from rock” CM

“I enjoyed looking at the bus stop that was made from plastic and metal” OL

“I liked everything. I learned that the materials can be all different shapes” HA

“It was really fun and I liked taking pictures” AG

“I learned about all the different materials that you can use. I found the lamppost made from metal which is waterproof” KS

“I had fun when we were doing the material hunt” LT

Super Shape Work!


Over the last few weeks P1-3 have been learning all about shapes. We have been so busy making models, going on shape hunts and making patterns using shapes.

Here are some of the things we have been doing:

We found lots of 2D and 3D shapes during outdoor learning


We have made models using shapes


Primary 1 have been making patterns and symmetrical patterns using shapes 


Primary 2 and 3 have been learning all about tessellation. They went on a tessellation hunt and created their own patterns on the computer.

A very windy day …

We had lots of fun today making and flying our very own kites! It was such a windy day that all of our kites flew easily although some got a tangled up and had to be rescued!

Calum joined us from the nursery and it was a good job because Miss McVie was amazing at rescuing tangled kites!

“I had lots of fun doing tricks with my kite” KS

“I danced with my kite” OL

“My kite was awesome! It was a bit silly and kept going down” CM

“I loved playing with my kite I had lots of fun!” MYC

“Mine went so high in the sky” AG

“Mine got stuck on the fence. It was funny!” LT

“My kite did a loop” ES

“My kite was so high it nearly touched the wires” HA

“I had so much fun flying my kite” LO

“It was cool it kept falling but I still liked it. It was super fun” LD

Finlay’s Mum helped us to make some beautiful bracelets. We had great fun choosing the beads we wanted to use and carefully threading them on. Some bracelets even have our names on!

These bracelets will be on sale at our Fisherton Festival on Monday 26th June. We hope to see you there!

A big THANK YOU to Linda for helping us today!

Authors Live

Nursery and P1-4 enjoyed taking part in an Authors Live event today with author and illustrator Alex T Smith. Alex told us all about how his Grandpa inspired him to become a writer and about his love of drawing. He read us some of his new book ‘Claude goes for Gold’ and showed us step by step how to draw the character Claude. Our fantastic drawings will be on display in the corridor come and have a look!

“It was weird how he drew one bit of Claude then moved on to another and then went back. It was really cool”

“I found it hard to keep up he drew really fast! I was really happy with my finished drawing”

“It was good”

“It was fun!”

“It was fantastic. I liked the story and drawing the dog”

Fabulous Fruit

We wrote a letter to our local Co-op asking if they would donate some fruit and vegetables to our class. Yesterday they did and we received a bag full of delicious fruits and vegetables. Today we used all of the fruit and had a great time making smoothies and fruit salads. Some of us even tried new fruits and liked them!