Telling the Time

For Outdoor Learning today we had lots of fun playing time games. First we played days of the week hopscotch

Then we had to find the months of the year that were hidden all around the playground. We had to identify which month special events happen and also find our birthday month.

After that we got busy making our own clocks and testing each other to make different times

We then made a huge clock

and finished off our lesson with a game of

‘Whats the time Mr Wolf?!’

MD “I liked playing Whats the time Mr Wolf?’

ES “I liked making the clocks and playing Mr Wolf”

KS “I liked making the clock because we got to use twigs for the clock hands. I liked playing the big clock game but the wind kept blowing the hands!”

MYC “I liked using our little clocks and making the time with them”

LT “It was fun playing the game when we moved the big clock hands”

OL “I enjoyed playing whats the time Mr Wolf – I was the fastest”

HA “I enjoyed all of it!”

LO “I had fun playing the clock game”

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