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“Can you really learn through play?”

“Can you really learn through play?”


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Thursday, September 24, 2020 at 8pm

Alistair Bryce Clegg

Alistair Bryce Clegg is passionate about inspiring children to reach their potential. He is well known in Education  and is an author of many fantastic books to support teachers and practitioners develop the skills to support our learners.

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P4 Christmas Maths Challenge

If you are looking for a fun activity for the children during the holidays, why not try the Deputy First Minister’s Christmas Maths Challenge 2019. It is packed with Festive Puzzles you can pick and choose from to keep everyone entertained.

Click on the picture below to see a copy of the challenge. Paper copies will be distributed to Primary 4 pupils before the Christmas Break.

Want to know the answers? They’ll be available on the Making Maths Count blog from 6th January 2020.




Primary 3/4’s Bookweek Scotland

Last week saw P3/4 have lots fun and exciting opportunities to experience reading. We had many different visitors in to see us and some even went out into the community to experience reading.

Our week started with a visit from Miss Cunningham from Cochrane Castle Primary, who chose to read one of her favourite books to us, ‘The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark’.

On Tuesday, we received a special visit from our School Education Manager, Miss Thomas. She brought in a book that was very special to her son when he was in primary three and four, called ‘Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins’. Miss Thomas also brought in a special device called a Kindle. She told us about all the books she had on it and how when on holiday, she loves to get lost reading a book and imaging all the different scenes.

Thursday saw a very special visitor, in the form of Provost of Renfrewshire, Lorraine Cameron. Provost Cameron came to visit Primary three’s to give them  a ‘Read, Write, Count Book Bag’. Whilst the Provost was here, she read one of the stories to the class, it was called ‘You’re Called what?’ The story was all about real-life animals with very strange sounding names.

As a very special treat, the Provost let those of us that wanted too, try on her official chain of office.

Primary 4’s joined Miss McCann’s class and walked to Starbucks, they were read a book by the Manager. They also got a treat of some hot chocolate.

Friday saw our class get two visitors. Firstly the house captains of Cochrane Castle came and read a story to the class.

Our Final visitor of the week was Katrina McGovern, the School’s Barnardo’s PAThS Co-ordinator. Katrina brought in a book that was very special to her, ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’, she even brought in a toy rabbit! Everyone loved the story!

Book week was great and all the class thoroughly enjoyed it, and this can be summed up in a quote by one of our class members.

“Books are so important, they don’t just help my reading. It helps my spelling, my imagination, my writing  and how I understand things. Reading is great!”

P3/4 Maths Week

Primary 3/4 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes this week. They have been learning about the amount of corners, sides and even lines of symmetry. To show the knowledge we had been learning we went outside to find as many 2D shapes as we could.

We found:

Tyres and signs in the shape of circles.

We found triangles in our Tim Trail and made some out of sticks.

And we found lots of squares.

We even decided to make shapes out of our bodies:

We will continue to learn about shapes but this was a fun way for everyone to enjoy Maths Week Scotland!


🌞Summer Trip🌞

We have all enjoyed a fabulous fun day at Heads of Ayr Farm Park today and are heading home tired, but with great memories together.

Thank you to our wonderful Parent Council for organising and funding this trip for our whole school and to everyone who has supported the Parent Council events throughout the year to make this possible.

Finally another thank you to our anonymous donor who made it possible for all the children to have an ice cream on the trip today as well – they were delighted!

St. David’s Family Picnic

We may not have had the  glorious weather of last year however we had a fabulous day in the good old Scottish weather to celebrate the feast of our patron, Saint David of Scotland.

Our annual family picnic was well attended by all generations of the Saint David’s school community and our school value of happiness was evident in the faces of everyone in attendance.

A huge thank you goes to all of our pupils (especially our new P1s who will join us in August), families and staff for making this day so special and demonstrating our school values in action.


P3 Outdoor learning day!

The great outdoors is a place where learning can take diverse shapes and forms. Take a look at how Primary 3 strengthened their numeracy and maths skills.

The pupils came in to class this morning to plan their own day, working within their Co-operative learning groups.

We set up for the day by gathering the resources that the pupils needed and wanted to take. They decided to spend before playtime in the school grounds and then over to Rannoch Woods after play time.

What are we going to do?

“We are going to make 3D shapes using twigs, sticks and clay” – Lily-Anne

“I’m going to make arrays to help me multiply” – Chichi

“I’m going to build a town using 2D and 3D shapes”- Jakub

“If we make shape art we can look at making lines of symmetry and then look to see how many angles are in the shape” – Ryan

What did you enjoy about Outdoor learning day today?

“I enjoyed building 2D shapes” – Hannah

“I enjoyed making a pyramid because it was quite tricky and I wanted to add more sticks. I had to make sure it had at least 4 sticks”- Gemma

“I enjoyed making a person out of clay, sticks and stones. I tried my best to make it symmetrical” – Stephen

“I was learning to do multiplication using arrays and also gems” – Josh

“I was measuring and counting I used the trundle wheel to measure long distances” – Kristian