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Catholic Education Week

At St David’s, Jesus Christ is at the centre of all that we do and is represented in our value of Faith.


In our school learning is shaped using Gospel values. Prayer, worship and religious celebrations are integral to the life of the school. As a Catholic school, we promote social justice and serve our community.

Our  vision, values and aims are to educate the whole person- body, mind and soul. These were developed in partnership with parents and parishes, and designed to nurture our whole community.

Primary 3/4 have been sharing what Catholic Education Week has meant to them and how they will put their faith into action in their own lives






Catholic Education Week

Jesus is the Truth: it can be difficult, in the face of so many conflicting voices, to know which ones to trust. Jesus provides us with an eternal truth, on which we can build our school’s vision, values and aims, and on which our young people can depend throughout school and beyond.

Our mural which we launched this session represents our school vision, values and aims.  We have just received some of our printed versions of the mural and will be displaying these around the school and the grounds. What do our school values mean to you?

Catholic Education Week

Today we focus on Jesus as ‘The Way’. Every day, we strive to follow the way of Jesus.

Jesus is the Way: to follow the Way of Jesus gives us certainty and direction in our lives, particularly now when everything is so uncertain. We take comfort in our Sacred Spaces in class and the protected time we offer each day to prayer.

Our senior pupils engage in the Pope Francis Faith Awards which is a two year programme which encourages them to put their faith in to action while continuing to learn about the saints and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to inspire and enthuse them in their Spiritual development.

This week, our P1 pupils have been thinking about how they use their special gifts to follow the Way of Jesus – ask them to tell you more about this at home


Catholic Education Week

Catholic Education Week is a very important part of our school calendar and is celebrated each year in the month of November.

During this time, the Catholic Church in Scotland encourages schools, parishes and other agencies to work closely together in order to celebrate the successes of Catholic education, not only for young people,  but for society as a whole.

This year the theme for Catholic Education Week is:

 “Jesus Christ- The Way, The Truth and The Life”

We will be doing lots of learning and activities in class which we hope to share with you, as well as inspire you to reflect on this special theme at home too.

This week, our classes will be using the Catholic Education Week prayer in their own daily prayer routines – maybe you could try this together at home as a family too:

We’d love to see what you are doing at home on Seesaw too