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Book Week Scotland – P3/4


At the end of Book Week Scotland, P3/4 are our focus class of the day and  have  showcased  their  love  of  reading  to  us  all

They had lost of fun exploring new books and also sharing some of their favourites.

Click here to listen to some of our pupils:




As part of the Read, Write Count initiative, they also had a bag gifting in class – you can click on the link to find out more about everything inside.

We would love you to share how you are using your bag and all the contents at home on Seesaw.

Book Week Scotland P2

Primary 2 and Mrs Foy have been enjoying Roald Dahl’s book The Twits and as part of their reading focus for Book Week Scotland, they have enjoyed a day full of activities.

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Inspired by Mr Twit, they wrote their own revolting recipe and then created this on a plate – why not ask them all about it at home and come up with your own fantastic recipes in the kitchen.

The pupils also designed Mr Twit himself and his disgusting beard – can you spot anything lurking in there?

Later this week, the P2 pupils will also receive their Read Write Count Bag from the Scottish Book Trust with lots of great activities to do together at home. We hope you enjoy it – click on the image below for more information on this.

P4/5 Book Week Scotland

Today, Primary 4/5 were learning about all different types of books: Fiction, non-fiction and Comics.

We started this morning by having a ‘blether’ with our groups at our blether stations.

We were discussing our different opinions and discussing what we like and don’t like about some fiction stories.

Have a listen to one of our groups during their discussions, they become very involved.


After break, we moved on to looking at examples of comics strips and discussing how they were very short stories told in pictures, but with added detail in the speech from characters.

We looked at examples from Wallace and Gromit and Peanuts.

As a class, we decided to create our own. See some of our examples below.

This afternoon, we merged our weather topic and our reading day to talk about non-fiction books. Mr Kerr showed the class a non-fiction book about the water cycle and how its rains, just like it had been all day today. We learned about all the meteorological terms for the different stages.


Mr Kerr then along with the class created an experiment showing how water evaporates and condenses of a cold surface. You can see our experiment below.

Can you see the condensation that formed? It became heavy on the cold plastic lid and formed a rain drop.


We reinforced our learning here by labelling all the different features of the Water Cycle.


By the end of the day, the entire class agreed… books are amazing in so many ways!

Primary 1 Book Week Scotland Part 2!

Welcome back!

After playtime today we had a very special gifting session in class. Each November Bookbug gives every Primary 1 pupil in Scotland a free bag of books and resources to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting. The Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bag contains the three shortlisted titles for The Bookbug Picture Book Prize.

The bag also contains lots of great resources including an activity booklet, a whiteboard and pen, Bookbug colouring pencils and a numeracy game.

Our class have voted for our favourite book already – This is a dog.

We hope you have lots of fun with this at home!

Check in later for our final post of the day 🙂

Primary 1.



Primary 1 Book Week Scotland Part 1!

Good morning everyone,

Today it’s Primary 1’s turn to show you a little of what we are up to for Book week Scotland. We start each day with some paired reading. We got some new books for our library so it was very exciting deciding what one to choose.

Our first  read was “Brenda is a sheep”. We loved this story but Brenda is definitely NOT a sheep!

Brenda asked us to follow up with some tasks which were very fun. We had to create a new grass food menu with lots of tasty teats for the sheep. Some delicious ideas included grass crisps, grass pizza and grass ice-cream – what a feast! Brenda found it tricky to go to sleep at the right time so we drew the time we go to bed and the time we get up on analogue clocks for her to give her some helpful tips 🙂

Then we listened to a short clip from Morag Hood who is the author of Brenda the Sheep. She asked if we could design some woolly jumpers to help all the sheep in the winter months. I’m sure you will agree we have some great designs!

Check back later for some more updates of what we are getting up to today for Book Week Scotland 2020.

See you soon,

Primary 1 🙂



Book Week Scotland – P6/7 Focus


Today as part of Book Week Scotland Primary 6/7 had the chance to try a book tasting menu where everyone got to choose three books they haven’t read before and have a ‘taster’ of them.  Lots of people found great books that they can’t wait to read next.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about their Book Week Scotland activities this week.