House System

A House system operates within the school. Your child will be placed within one of four houses: Bute, Jura, Mull & Skye, each of which has an appointed 2 House Captains (1 boy and 1 girl) and 1 Vice Captain.

The House system has two elements: merits and House points which promote positive behaviour; and demerits which deal with behaviour which falls short of Barsail Standard. House points are counted on a weekly basis and the House with the most points gets an extra playtime. A termly reward is also given as well as an end of year big reward for the overall winner.

2016 – 2017

House            Captain                Vice-Captain

Merits and House Points

Merits (to promote positive behaviour)

  • Pupils are expected to earn 3 merit house points a day – one merit for each section of the day: up to interval, interval to lunchtime and the afternoon session.

  • Keeping your merits means you are Barsail Standard; working hard and displaying good behaviour.

  • If a child fails to meet this standard they will not gain the merit for that part of the day.

  • Each week the child gets 30mins of Fun Friday Time and for each merit that is not gained 5 mins of fun time is lost.

House Points

Pupils receive a House Point for keeping 12 or more merits in a week. (In short weeks the number the number of merits required will decrease.)2 House Points are allocated for keeping all 15 merits.

The House points week runs from a Friday to a Thursday as the assembly is on a Friday.

Extra House points are also given when pupils go over and above Barsail Standard such as displaying lovely manners, exceeding expectations in terms of class work or homework, being kind and helpful, the possibilities are endless!

There will be a section of the homework diary which will let you know how many House points your child has gained that week. You should expect them to get at least 1.

Incentives are offered to encourage children to participate in schemes eg 1 House point for every 5 vouchers collected, 10 House points for bringing in a ragbag on the collection day, 10 House points for helping at a bag pack. These points are added to an Eco and Incentives chart and are totalled monthly.

House points are collected at the end of Thursday and totalled for each House.Barsail Primary Behaviour Poilcy This policy provides full details on how the House and behaviour system works.

Demerits (Dealing with unacceptable behaviour)

At Barsail we encourage children to behave well, work hard, show good manners and be respectful at all times. We reward children with praise, merits and House points. On the rare occasion that a child’s behaviour is inappropriate we have a Demerit System. It is important to note that Demerits are not issued lightly and that discussion takes place with those involved to establish the full scenario. This system works as follows:

* Demerits are given for behaviours identified pupils, parents and staff as being unacceptable in our school.

* Should your child receive a demerit you will be notified by letter with a return slip to acknowledge you have received it.

* This letter also indicates the behaviour which led to a demerit being issued.

* Demerits are counted over the same House week. They are not carried on to new week.

* Pupils who are continually getting demerits may have other consequences put in place, such as not being allowed to participate in special school events including class trips, BASE or House treats.

* 1 demerit in a week = loss of 15 minutes break time.

* 2 demerits in a week = loss of 30 minutes break time (2 x 15mins).

* 3 demerits in a week = loss of 30 minutes break time and an age appropriate exercise being completed.

* 4 demerits in a week = loss of 30 minutes break time, age appropriate exercise and a loss of Friday Fun Time.

* 5 demerits in a week will result in a pupil completing their work outwith the class under the supervision of a member of the management team.


Demerits will be given for the following behaviour-

  • Fighting / inappropriate behaviour

  • Showing a bad attitude / disrespect

  • Refusing / failing to follow an adult’s instructions

  • Being dishonest /lying

  • Repeated / serious name calling

  • Bullying

  • Racism

  • Stealing

  • Swearing / using inappropriate language

  • Inappropriate answering / talking back

  • Damaging property

  • Failing to complete homework tasks on more than one occasion

  • Chewing gum

  • Failing to carrying out assigned duties / take account of warnings.

At all times the teacher will use their professional judgement when both giving merits and issuing demerits, taking into account the personal circumstances of each child. However, the system is consistently applied so that pupils are well aware of the rules and boundaries which exist within our school. Every child in this school has the right to an education and this system is aimed at promoting the very positive behaviour which almost all of our pupils display, while at the same time applying consequences for those pupils who fail to meet Barsail Standard.

Please bear in mind that the House system is only one means of rewarding pupils and that class teachers have additional incentives to encourage their pupils such as group points, roll of the dice, lucky dip etc. This, at times, may lead to variation in the allocation of House points.


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