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Our recent Dig In Day was a marvellous success. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to help refresh our Outdoor Learning area and playground. Pupils are already enjoying the newly painted and planted items.

photoOur anniversary tree to celebrate the school turning 40 years old this year.

Special thanks for donations from McConechy’s Tyre & Auto Centre, RG Tyres Cumbernauld, Brian Millar of SRUC, Spaceright, our Parent Council, staff, pupils and families for plants, roofing felt, tools and most of all your time, effort and hard work.

Thank you all for your continued support!


Same time next year?


Rag Bag Appeal!

rag bag

Thank you to everyone who cleared out cupboards and drawers.  We have collected 34 bags of clothes.  Hopefully this will give the school some much needed funds.

Please continue to recycle old and unwanted clothes.  Can we ask that you place your tied bags in the large recycling bin in the school car park?

Thank you for your continued support



As you will be aware our Power Off and Learn Outdoors (P.O.L.O) Days are running on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Primary 4 – 7 should come to school tomorrow dressed for all the fun in their outdoor clothes appropriate for the weather, no school uniform please.

Primary 1 – 3 should do the same on Wednesday.  They should also bring their bike or scooter to school.  Please remember to also bring a helmet for this activity or they will not be permitted to take part.

We look forward to all the fun the outdoors has to offer.

Rag Bag Textile Recycling Scheme

rag bag

Recycle old, unwanted clothes.

Our Waste Council are gathering up old clothes for our annual Rag Bag collection.

We will be distributing empty bags tomorrow and would ask that filled bags are returned on a Friday during the month of March!

We can only accept wearable clothing, paired shoes, handbags and belts.

For a full  list of what we can/cannot accept please visit the website at www.rag-bag.co.uk

Once again your co-operation is appreciated

Wildlife Area in our School Grounds

Recently Primaries 5/6, 6, 7a & 7b have taken part in designing and creating an outdoor nature area, as part of our Outdoor Learning opportunities.  We took the time to make plans for what our area would look like, then gathered all of the natural materials to create the area. 

Unfortunately, we had to delay our plans due to the amount of litter in that part of our school grounds.  The litter may have been blown in through the fence from the lane leading to Lilac from Whitelees.  We have since cleared the area of cans, bottles, crisp packets, carrier bags and cardboard.  This allowed us to proceed.



A dog could cut it’s tongue on a piece of glass!

A hedgehog could get it’s head stuck in a tin can!

A fox could get it’s head stuck in the plastic that attaches beer cans!

A bird could choke on a crisp wrapper!


We hope this won’t happen in our wildlife area but we need your help!

Please be aware of any litter in the area surrounding our school playground.  If you could always put your litter in a bin that would make such a huge difference to our wildlife. 

Thank You! From Primary 5/6