Message from Mrs Cunningham

Message from Mrs Cunningham

This has been a year like no other and we have adapted to restrictions that we never imagined were possible. As the Head Teacher of the Our Lady’s High School community, I could not be prouder of how everyone, staff and pupils, have pulled together to make this work.

On a brighter note, we as a school community have supported our wider community with outstanding generosity during Advent. We have sent 60 boxes and 50 bags of food to our local parishes and to the Chryston and Cumbernauld food banks. We also donated an overwhelming amount to the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Baby Bank. I can’t thank everyone enough and feel very privileged to be leading the Our Lady’s community at this time. #TheOurLady’sWay

I hope that you all have a well earned rest over Christmas and manage to find some peace and joy in the season.

Warmest regards

Mrs Cunningham
Head Teacher