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Room 12 News

We have had a busy week in class and are enjoying using our new Smart board.

Active Maths

Here we are learning about recognising and totalling money.

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Interdisciplinary Topic

This week as part of our Minibeast topic  we have been learning about a snail.

Fact of the week-  Land snails have lots of small teeth!

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We are looking forward to going with the pupils from Room 13 to the Sports Development Festival this term.

Room 6 Burns Supper

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Last week Room 6 completed their interdisciplinary topic on Burns by having a Burns Supper and Scottish food tasting session.

The children tasted a range of Scottish foods including Haggis, neeps and tatties, tablet, shortbread, oatcakes and smoked salmon all washed down with a wee dram (of Irn Bru). The children recorded which of the foods they enjoyed and those they disliked. There was singing, dancing and a cheers to Robert Burns!


Learning in Room 6!

This week we have had so much fun learning our spelling and phonics words. We used paint to practice fine motor skills and spell at the same time.

In Maths we have been learning number bonds and counting within 100. We used lots of active games and hands on practice to improve our skills.

In IDL we were researching the people who live in the Rainforest and found out that they often paint their faces or bodies during celebrations. This inspired us to make our own masks in Art.

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R6RedRose – iPhone

Room 6 Learning Update!

We have been learning all about Robert Burns in preparation for Burns Day on the 25th January. We have been learning some poems and songs and recorded our early practice of Auld Lang Syne. A special mention to Ellie M Scott and Jack Montgomery who did outstanding singing during these lessons.

Due to lots of other school events we took our gym lesson back to the classroom and did some good old fashioned circuit training. With a combination of Jumping Jacks, Lunges, Sit Ups and Aerobics we are continuing to work on becoming healthier and fitter individuals.

In IDL we have been exploring food chains and writing captions. In Literacy here are some examples of our dictation practice with a partner.

Making Rocket Explosions in Room 5!

Room 5 have been exploring Space throughout term 1.

We really wanted to learn about rockets and how they took off. We decided to do a science experiment with alka seltzer, plastic film containers and some water.The rockets worked  very very well and flew like a real spaceship!

We have written instructions for whoever would like to try it out!

By Elle, Max and Ben.

Lots of Learning with Room 6!

Room 6 have been learning all about the 1970’s and 1980’s.

We learned that some of the toys we play with today have been around since the 1970’s

We walked around the school and found that we can collect information in lots of different ways.  We did this ay home too as part of our homework.

We also had a food tasting of different foods from the 1970’s.  We tried quiche and Angel Delight. We liked Angel Delight the best.


We have been playing Maths games using dice to help us with addition and subtraction.