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Getting Fit in Room 5!

At the start of term Room 5 created their very own new year resolution. The main theme which emerged was the desire to get fitter and healthier. As a class we have been discussing how we can do this by changing our diet and exercising more regularly. This wasn’t enough however… Room 5 wanted to make sure this was having an impact. We decided as a class to carry out a fitness test and record our scores. We will repeat this fitness test at the end of term and hopefully our scores increase! Check out some of our photos.

Max, Ben & Ellie O’Neill


Pantomime Lunch Arrangements

Our trip to the pantomime is on Friday 27th November. We will be leaving school around 12noon and so will need to have an early lunch.

To make things as easy as possible pupils should order their lunch using the attached form – Panto Lunch Form.

Blue Band/ Snack-to-go lunches should also be ordered using the Snack-to-go form.

All other pupils who do not wish to order a school lunch should bring a packed lunch to school.  No crossing patrol is available at this time.

Many Thanks


Dates for you – Christmas Parties

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 10.19.30All Christmas parties take place during the school day, on the afternoon of the date give, from 1.20pm – 3pm.

Children can be collected by an adult, to get changed for their party from 12 noon on the day of their party. We are not able to release pupils early otherwise.

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 10.20.49

Christmas Party dates below:

Room 3 & Room 6 – Monday 7th December

Room 14 & Room 17 – Tuesday 8th December

Room 12 & Room 13 –  Thursday 10th December

Room 9, Room 10 & Room 16 – Friday 11th December

Room 5 & Room 7 – Monday 14th December

Room 1 & Room 2 – Thursday 17th December

Making Rocket Explosions in Room 5!

Room 5 have been exploring Space throughout term 1.

We really wanted to learn about rockets and how they took off. We decided to do a science experiment with alka seltzer, plastic film containers and some water.The rockets worked  very very well and flew like a real spaceship!

We have written instructions for whoever would like to try it out!

By Elle, Max and Ben.

Science Investigations in Room 5

Room 5 carried out a science investigation into what might affect the size of a crater when a meteorite hits a planet.  They investigated a number of variables including the size, shape and weight of the meteorite and the surface landing.  They presented their results to the class and found that:

– the heavier the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced

– the bigger the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced.

– the flattest shapes made the biggest craters and

– the softer the landing surface, the bigger the crater.

They are looking forward to carrying out their next investigation!