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Making Rocket Explosions in Room 5!

Room 5 have been exploring Space throughout term 1.

We really wanted to learn about rockets and how they took off. We decided to do a science experiment with alka seltzer, plastic film containers and some water.The rockets worked  very very well and flew like a real spaceship!

We have written instructions for whoever would like to try it out!

By Elle, Max and Ben.

Science Investigations in Room 5

Room 5 carried out a science investigation into what might affect the size of a crater when a meteorite hits a planet.  They investigated a number of variables including the size, shape and weight of the meteorite and the surface landing.  They presented their results to the class and found that:

– the heavier the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced

– the bigger the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced.

– the flattest shapes made the biggest craters and

– the softer the landing surface, the bigger the crater.

They are looking forward to carrying out their next investigation!