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Making Rocket Explosions in Room 5!

Room 5 have been exploring Space throughout term 1.

We really wanted to learn about rockets and how they took off. We decided to do a science experiment with alka seltzer, plastic film containers and some water.The rockets worked  very very well and flew like a real spaceship!

We have written instructions for whoever would like to try it out!

By Elle, Max and Ben.

Science Investigations in Room 5

Room 5 carried out a science investigation into what might affect the size of a crater when a meteorite hits a planet.  They investigated a number of variables including the size, shape and weight of the meteorite and the surface landing.  They presented their results to the class and found that:

– the heavier the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced

– the bigger the meteorite, the bigger the crater produced.

– the flattest shapes made the biggest craters and

– the softer the landing surface, the bigger the crater.

They are looking forward to carrying out their next investigation!

Friday 8th November 2013

Room 15 Assembly

Another school week is almost over, but before we can kick back and enjoy the weekend we are in for a real treat. Room 15, P5 starlets are sharing their learning with the whole school at 11am in the form of an assembly. Mrs Cooney, the class teacher, would like to take this opportunity to remind friends and family of Room 15, that you are very welcome to join us. As V.I.P’s you can meet our show stoppers  backstage to share a refreshment in our  kitchen. Photo’s and Autographs are optional!

Room 5 & Room 13 Farm Visit

Today is the day our little ones are off on their visit to Blackbog Farm! Hopefully the weather holds up and the boys and girls have a fantastic time meeting the cows and learning about how milk gets from the farm to the glass!

Golden Time

Golden Time is the time of the week our pupils’ can relax and enjoy the rewards that come from working hard all week and following the school rules! Enjoy your reward boys and girls I’m sure your teacher will agree, you deserve it!