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Primary 4/5 Games

On Thursday 12th June 2014 half of the primary 4s and 5s went to Ravenscraig to do lots of different sports. I did Athletics. We did lots of different activities: races, hurdles, javelin, shot put, long jump and my group did this activity when you had to jump on this mat and when I did it I fell but I was ok because the mat was very comfy and soft. I really liked races because I won lots of them. I also liked the long jump because I felt like a famous athlete training for the Olympics. If someone asked me to pick my favourite it would be very hard because they were all so much fun.

Every school in North Lanarkshire was there so it was very busy. Every school got a volunteer but our school got 2. Their names were Joanne but we called her Jojo and she was very nice. Our other volunteer was called Lucy. She was also very nice. They helped us and showed us what to do.

By Beth Shaw

Yesterday we went to the primary 4 and 5 games. There were lots of schools and I saw some of my friends from other schools. We were all put into groups. I was in a group with Robbie, Jake, Molly, 2 Louises and Kai. Our leader was my mum, Ruth. Our activities were basketball and rugby. We had basketball in the morning and rugby in the afternoon. At basketball I was just holding the ball in the air and bouncing it and when I got to the basket I slam-dunked it and I scored. It was fantastic because I never thought I would have done it!

By Cameron Palmer