Kirkshaws DSi Experience

This is the second time in 3 years that Kirkshaws have had the use of the DSi’s from the loan service. The last time they were used solely by the P5 class. During this load period their use was spread from P3 to P7. The DSi’s were timetabled for use across these classes for the whole term.

The brain training game proved very popular with children creating their own personal challenge targets over the time we have had them in school. Mixed ability paired participation was also used to improve ‘brain age’ in P3.

The DSi’s were also used as a motivation tool with identified children and played a part in the ICT group during the ‘Go For Green’ reward afternoons. The overall experience was very positive, from both teachers and pupils. They will be missed!

Pupil Comments

Zoe, ” We used them during maths times a lot, but I think the game really helped me with my spelling.”

Monique, ” I loved using them. They have helped me to do division and my tables. They make you think a bit quicker too. I wish we had them all the time.”

Casey, ” My favourite thing was taking photographs and making special effects with borders and squiggles and stuff. I got a brain age of 70 once. It would be good to use them again.”