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December 8, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Journal + Online = Adventure

Journal + Online = Adventure

Recently, I’ve been trying to think of new ways of doing things. Not that my brain isn’t ‘working’ but perhaps, you could say I’m racing at 20mph on a 50mph road. Real fact: years ago, my driving instructor used to constantly remind me to increase the speed on motorways. But, as my brain was on … Continue reading “Journal + Online = Adventure” Continue reading

April 23, 2019
by Zara Aitken
Comments Off on Placement: Part 1

Placement: Part 1

For 1PP1 i am in a small village school with no more than 130 pupils total. I have 17 pupils in my P7 class. I feel I have started to bond well with the children in my class. The one thing I really struggled with at the start was not gaining the classes attention but […] Continue reading

May 8, 2018
by Eilidh Lamont
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End of Placement Review

April 15, 2018
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Eggs Up for Relevant Learning Activities

Eggs Up for Relevant Learning Activities

The egg has (almost) reached the bottom of the holiday hill. Typically, we never compare climbing hills to something relaxing – but remember, the downwards incline is always thrilling. Yes, my Easter holidays have been glorified with chocolate, cheer and catch-up chats with family and friends. For many others – who have had a vacation […] Continue reading

January 23, 2018
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Keep your Chimp in the Cage!

Keep your Chimp in the Cage!

January, you’ve caught me out again. Your presence inflicts upon me the sort of gloomy, stern feeling that tightly stretches out the hours of daylight and compresses the moonglow. I’m left hanging on until the end of month, desperate that a prince will rescue me into the romanticised February. This New Year seemed to shower … Continue reading “Keep your Chimp in the Cage!” Continue reading

March 1, 2017
by Danielle Skippens
Comments Off on First Ever Lesson

First Ever Lesson

So, today I taught my first ever lesson in a school. Although only a group lesson, it was just as nerve wracking.  We were learning about maths, in particular calculations using money. Now, when students hear “get out your maths jotters”, the majority never seem to excited by it. Obviously this is then our job […] Continue reading

December 23, 2016
by Ruth Duck
Comments Off on Reflection on the #UoDTransitionEY

Reflection on the #UoDTransitionEY

  Phew! After a busy term, I have finally managed to find the time to reflect upon my Nursery Transition experience. I would like to thank all those at my nursery who helped me develop my learning throughout this opportunity. Three areas which I wanted to develop in particular were communication skills with the children, behaviour management […] Continue reading

November 1, 2016
by Kim Rennie
Comments Off on Outdoor play in Early Years

Outdoor play in Early Years

For my second week back at nursery, I was asked to spend my afternoon outdoors. This request was met by my delight at the chance to have a look into some more learning in the outdoor particularly as this is an age that I have had no experience working outdoors with. In the nursery there …

Continue reading “Outdoor play in Early Years”

Continue reading

October 7, 2016
by Kim Rennie
Comments Off on First day at Nursery!

First day at Nursery!

On Wednesday, as my previous blog post stated, I was off for my first day of nursery for part of my Transition Project at university. The nerves this morning were there a little bit but not as much as the night before. The minute I walked into the school, I was greeted by a lovely receptionist …

Continue reading “First day at Nursery!”

Continue reading

May 22, 2016
by Hannah-Jayne Ward
Comments Off on L4L Placement: Reflection

L4L Placement: Reflection

Following what seemed like a never-ending pile of paperwork for my placement portfolio and an unfortunate trip to A&E, I have had little time to write a blog post that I felt did my placement justice. My intention was to blog throughout my time at the school however I was so busy that I needed […] Continue reading

March 26, 2016
by Hannah-Jayne Ward
Comments Off on L4L Placement: Goleman, Gardner and ELSA?

L4L Placement: Goleman, Gardner and ELSA?

As mentioned in my previous post, I am utilising my blog as a reflective tool for my Learning from Life placement. My placement is based in an integrated mainstream and special school and I have had the opportunity to work with the pastoral team over the past two weeks to begin my work experience. Working […] Continue reading

March 14, 2016
by Kim Rennie
Comments Off on Dyslexia: A Break Down

Dyslexia: A Break Down

After an input from one of our lecturers, Will, where he state that if we aren’t aware of the different Additional Support Needs (ASN) then we were being ignorant. Two of my friends and I have decided to look into Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia. As normally if you have one of these ASN then there …

Continue reading “Dyslexia: A Break Down”

Continue reading

March 4, 2016
by Hannah-Jayne Ward
Comments Off on LFL Placement: What am I ‘Learning from Life’?

LFL Placement: What am I ‘Learning from Life’?

“What? Why? That doesn’t make sense when you’re training to become a Scottish Primary Teacher?” – A common response when I explain to my friends and family that my second year placement cannot be within a Scottish primary school. At first I shared a similar opinion, studying Languages and Science and Mathematics modules, then going […] Continue reading

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