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February 5, 2020
by Isla Campbell
Comments Off on A memorable learning experience

A memorable learning experience

I can admit I don’t remember much about school, primary school in particular, with this in mind there is something that was life changing  for me in my secondary school career. I remember in my fifth year of secondary school I was going through a very hard time with my mathematics. this is a subject … Continue reading A memorable learning experience Continue reading

February 4, 2020
by Chloe Newton
Comments Off on A Victorian for a Day

A Victorian for a Day

“Make sure you remember to put that scarf on!” shouted my mum as I left her to start the walk into the school playground, “You won’t look like a Victorian if you don’t put it around you like a shawl!”. Months of hard work and dedication had led to this day, the day where we […] Continue reading

November 11, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on It’s not meetings… it’s CIRCLE TIME!

It’s not meetings… it’s CIRCLE TIME!

I always like a quick reflection here and there. And I always do love a few Christmas decorations here and there. But, you see, it’s only the 11th of November – lots more days left – and we are already seeing Starbucks sell your coffee because… ‘you really want that Christmas tree cup.’ I was … Continue reading “It’s not meetings… it’s CIRCLE TIME!” Continue reading

October 10, 2019
by Rebecca Watson
Comments Off on Pivotal Moment

Pivotal Moment

At my AoS meeting yesterday my adviser explained writing assignments in an alternative, or more broken-down way than I feel it has been explained before. Her specific way of explaining it worked so well for me personally because, as a friend rightly pointed out; I seem to understand things best when they are broken down […] Continue reading

October 8, 2019
by Gemma Harcus
Comments Off on Captain Scott – Visualising His Life through the Drama Lens

Captain Scott – Visualising His Life through the Drama Lens

This piece of writing is a submission for my Expressive Arts E-Portfolio linked to my Assignment. Task: Choose a character from the past (it doesn’t have to be a famous person). Research that character and the time that they lived. Use the drama convention Visualisation to explore what it would be like to be that […] Continue reading

October 4, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Teaching for Equity and Wellbeing: Lecture-related Post

Teaching for Equity and Wellbeing: Lecture-related Post

  (Sorry… the title today is rather uninspiring… so if you can think of one that’s utra-inspiring… feel free to inspire me!) Reading. On. Poverty – and closing the attainment gap. Oh, and emotional and physical health in the classroom. It’s all weighty stuff because … as teachers… we do not possess the super-power of … Continue reading “Teaching for Equity and Wellbeing: Lecture-related Post” Continue reading

September 29, 2019
by Sophie Neil
Comments Off on A Very Overdue Reflection

A Very Overdue Reflection

I realise that I have neglected my ePortfolio recently and was shocked when I realised my last post was from this time last year! I am going to aim to write shorter reflections this year so that hopefully I can post more often. My first year of university has been a bit of a roller-coaster […] Continue reading

September 18, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on Learning from Life

Learning from Life

Learning from Life Reflection Last year, I really surprised myself while on placement. I was so nervous– which was expected– but I was unaware of how at ease I soon became once I knew exactly what was expected of me and where everything was, and I just got carried away with the flow of the […] Continue reading

May 17, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on SO, Summer: LET’S MOVE FOWARD!


So, after learning about my learning placement (Lfl ’19) … I’ve decided to account myself to my learning more and uptake in the sport of writing a daily blog over summer. It’s not aiming to be a massive task, but something educationally amusing. A cocktail of words a day doesn’t do anyone any harm! It’s … Continue reading “SO, Summer: LET’S MOVE FOWARD!” Continue reading

May 11, 2019
by Eilidh Purdie
Comments Off on Learning from Life

Learning from Life

WOW. I cannot quite believe that I am back in Scotland. Two months definitely fly when you’re having so much fun. I have had the most amazing time over in the UAE exploring and getting to know all about the culture and the lifestyle there. It really is incredible. I’ve gone from being a nervous […] Continue reading

April 23, 2019
by Zara Aitken
Comments Off on In-Service Day – ACEs

In-Service Day – ACEs

Today I attended a talk and workshop based around ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). The talk was carried out by Chris Kilkenny who himself had many ACEs in his childhood. Now at 24, Chris talks about his experiences and how as teachers we can take 5 minutes out of our day to speak to children, find […] Continue reading

February 18, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?

Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?

Mathematics? Oh so fearful of it…are you? Or… look… there’s a sum! And… the answer? Let me spend time sourcing it. Right now. Some people leave education with this desire to crawl under the table when 5,6,7 and all the other numbers approach them. Others, well others, carry maths in their head – and would … Continue reading “Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?” Continue reading

February 4, 2019
by Betty Malley
Comments Off on Don’t. Give. Up.

Don’t. Give. Up.

From the ages of pre-birth to three years old, a major part of the child’s emotional capacity is developed. Meaning that it is vital, from before the child is born to the day it turns three years old, that you maintain a positive attitude and positive behaviours when around the child. If this is not […] Continue reading

February 1, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on Reflection on Semester 1

Reflection on Semester 1

I have started to write this blog for Derek’s TDT several times, but have found it harder to reflect on my progress each time. But this was until my pre-visit day put everything into perspective. I have found it easy over the duration of the first semester to reflect on my Working Together team’s progress, […] Continue reading

February 1, 2019
by Jade Duncan
Comments Off on Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop

I was quite nervous to partake in the first dance workshop on our first week back of semester two; and with it also being the first Learning Across the Curriculum input I was eager to discover how these workshops would be delivered. I had no idea what to expect but with previous knowledge of dance […] Continue reading

January 29, 2019
by Rachel Billes
Comments Off on But what does learning look like?

But what does learning look like?

They’re sitting quietly with chairs tucked in The lunches are done and the register complete The daily timetable has all been discussed But what does learning look like?   The jotters are out and the pencils are sharp The learning intention is up on the board The textbooks are there if we need a fallback […] Continue reading

January 25, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on Lesson Planning- A Work in Progress

Lesson Planning- A Work in Progress

For our health and well being workshops, we were instructed to create three lessons based on one of the Experiences and Outcome’s for that area of the curriculum. When I left that workshop I had already started to think of some activities that I could do– which I know now is the wrong way to […] Continue reading

January 24, 2019
by Taylor Jordan
Comments Off on How Semester One Made Me ‘Check’ Myself.

How Semester One Made Me ‘Check’ Myself.

The values module last semester was a really eye-opening and thought provoking one for me. The very first lecture of the values unit is one that will stay in my head forever. I learned about the ‘unconscious’ bias that everyone holds within themselves, the reason why we all are – either a little or a […] Continue reading

January 24, 2019
by Kirsty Fraser
Comments Off on Importance of relationships at the early stages on life.

Importance of relationships at the early stages on life.

Relationships are key for children at a young age. I watched a video by Suzanne Zeedyk and John Carnocha on the development of the brain in the early stages of a child’s life. This video made me as a practitioner realise how important it is to promote, in my classroom, positive relationships between everyone. The […] Continue reading

January 23, 2019
by Emma Boyd
Comments Off on Maths


Maths has always been one of my favourite subjects! Although I loved it, I wouldn’t say I was amazing at it, I really had to work on different topics to improve my grades and understanding in school, but it was always something so rewarding to me. Every problem is like a puzzle – there is …

Continue reading “Maths”

Continue reading

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