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September 23, 2019
by Claire Smith
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Update Central

Deciding not to do placement. Bad decision? It could be. Wrong decision? It might be. Wise decision? For now – at least. I am most certainly not stopping teaching, as it is what I really do love. However, the time doesn’t work out to do placement and various circumstances have led me to this choice. … Continue reading “Update Central” Continue reading

September 19, 2019
by Amy Fraser
Comments Off on The Importance of Embracing Multilingualism

The Importance of Embracing Multilingualism

Through reading Imagining Multilingual Schools: Languages in Education and Globalisation I have learnt much more about how important it is in schools to promote multilingualism as much as possible. In many schools, English is the dominant language that lessons are taught in. When there are pupils in schools who do not speak English as their first language, […] Continue reading

May 14, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Well, c’est la vie – and it’s bonne!

Well, c’est la vie – and it’s bonne!

I thought I would write. Write quickly – not a long post, but a “hello Summer, goodbye Second Semester” reflection. Time has passed and placement is now over. Over and done with, unfortunately. But, well, that’s it. This year has flown into history (too quickly) and even though my Lfl ’19 placement did not challenge … Continue reading “Well, c’est la vie – and it’s bonne!” Continue reading

February 18, 2019
by Claire Smith
Comments Off on Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?

Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?

Mathematics? Oh so fearful of it…are you? Or… look… there’s a sum! And… the answer? Let me spend time sourcing it. Right now. Some people leave education with this desire to crawl under the table when 5,6,7 and all the other numbers approach them. Others, well others, carry maths in their head – and would … Continue reading “Let’s think about (ma)thinking, okay?” Continue reading

February 4, 2019
by Betty Malley
Comments Off on Don’t. Give. Up.

Don’t. Give. Up.

From the ages of pre-birth to three years old, a major part of the child’s emotional capacity is developed. Meaning that it is vital, from before the child is born to the day it turns three years old, that you maintain a positive attitude and positive behaviours when around the child. If this is not […] Continue reading

February 1, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on Reflection on Semester 1

Reflection on Semester 1

I have started to write this blog for Derek’s TDT several times, but have found it harder to reflect on my progress each time. But this was until my pre-visit day put everything into perspective. I have found it easy over the duration of the first semester to reflect on my Working Together team’s progress, […] Continue reading

January 25, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on Lesson Planning- A Work in Progress

Lesson Planning- A Work in Progress

For our health and well being workshops, we were instructed to create three lessons based on one of the Experiences and Outcome’s for that area of the curriculum. When I left that workshop I had already started to think of some activities that I could do– which I know now is the wrong way to […] Continue reading

January 24, 2019
by Katie McFall
Comments Off on Stigma of mathematics

Stigma of mathematics

Maths. Some people love it and others not so much. However I had never stopped to consider why until the recent mathematics inputs with Tara Harper where she did a few exercises to help us see the myths and stereotypes surrounding the subject. In one of these examples we were asked to draw a line […] Continue reading

January 24, 2019
by Kirsty Fraser
Comments Off on Mathematics workshop

Mathematics workshop

Today I attended my first mathematics workshop. If I am honest I was quite nervous for this workshop due to my maths not being very good. I feel I lack confidence within this subject as when I was at school I enjoyed maths and didn’t mind going to the classes however now that I have […] Continue reading

January 23, 2019
by Rowan Beattie
Comments Off on Mathematics (1) Reflection

Mathematics (1) Reflection

I have been worried about teaching maths. This is because I have never liked maths, therefore I felt as though I would not be good at teaching it. The reason I don’t feel passionately about it is because I remember maths as sitting quietly, doing ten questions then for the teacher to mark them and […] Continue reading

January 23, 2019
by Annie Carruthers
Comments Off on Intro to HWB

Intro to HWB

SUGAR CRASH – RTE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k_iZ5HaQwA Can teach children about different types of sugar Show an item that is high in sugar such as chocolate then one low in sugar. Get children to measure out amounts of sugar next to them and see what they think about Sugar in both savory and sweet foods amount of […] Continue reading

January 22, 2019
by Fiona Smith
Comments Off on What’s your brain like? (hwb)

What’s your brain like? (hwb)

Suzanne Zeedyk- ‘Pre-birth to three: Importance of early years’  The 8 minute video on the importance of early years was short but very impactful. It made me think of what environment children come from and that each child is unique in their own way. Cultures in every aspect of the world are different which creates …

Continue reading “What’s your brain like? (hwb)”

Continue reading

January 21, 2019
by Kathleen McAvoy
Comments Off on Starring Role in ICT

Starring Role in ICT

Fourteen days into the semester and I have already been introduced to my first handful of subjects with many more to come. The first subject I had for this semester was ICT, taught by the very enthusiastic Sharon Tonner-Saunders. Within the first class we were introduced into the world of animation and how we can […] Continue reading

January 21, 2019
by Kathleen McAvoy
Comments Off on Semester one, over and done.

Semester one, over and done.

So here we are, second week of January after surviving the first semester of my first year at university… and how do I feel? I feel pretty good to be honest. And following receiving my results I am feeling OK with my progression so far, although there is definitely plenty room for improvement. For the […] Continue reading

January 20, 2019
by Amy Fraser
Comments Off on How Drama Brings Life to Lessons

How Drama Brings Life to Lessons

After watching a video about the structure of a drama lesson, it got me to really understand why drama lessons need to be structured a certain way in order for children to learn as much as they possibly can. In the video, it stated that to begin, an agreement had to be made; these were […] Continue reading

January 18, 2019
by Amellia Menmuir
Comments Off on Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice

In today’s lecture I have learned that is important to consider the consequences of my own actions and the role in which I have played in an incident rather to jump to conclusions and blame everybody else first. I feel that this was important to learn because it has taught me to realise that not […] Continue reading

January 15, 2019
by Amy Fraser
Comments Off on The Health and Wellbeing of the Child is Crucial to Development- Reflection

The Health and Wellbeing of the Child is Crucial to Development- Reflection

After watching both Suzanne Zeedyk and John Carnocha’s videos about the brain development of children in their early years, it made me understand even more just how important it is that we as practitioners do everything in our power to promote positivity into every child’s life. It was particularly eye opening for me to understand […] Continue reading

January 15, 2019
by Heather Brown
Comments Off on The Brains of the Classroom

The Brains of the Classroom

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk’s and John Carnochan OBE’s videos by Education Scotland, empathise the need to create safe environments, to nurture and aid children to be able to deal with and contribute to society today. Dr Zeedyk’s describes the neuroscience behind the brains development  and explains how easy it is for young people to cope with […] Continue reading

January 13, 2019
by Amy Fraser
Comments Off on Learning Language- My Experience

Learning Language- My Experience

Language was an area of the curriculum that I really enjoyed when I was in school. It is an extremely important area of the curriculum as it is a way of expressing ourselves and a key way for us to learn. There are four areas of language: writing, reading, speaking and listening. When I was […] Continue reading

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