Importance of relationships at the early stages on life.

Relationships are key for children at a young age. I watched a video by Suzanne Zeedyk and John Carnocha on the development of the brain in the early stages of a child’s life. This video made me as a practitioner realise how important it is to promote, in my classroom, positive relationships between everyone.

The video was all about the way in which the brain development can be affected by the way in which the child has been brought up. For example if the child has been brought up in an unsafe or hectic environment then this could affect their development due to them stressing about other things at home. Whereas if a child has been brought up in a safe and calming environment they are more likely to be focused and worrying about other things. Also taking these factors into consideration it also affects their communications skills. The child who is in the hectic environment might see such things as domestic abuse and may be frightened to communicate due to being scared of what they have seen. However the child in the calming environment will be less stressed and will be more than confident to communicate with others. The living environment has a massive impact in many ways on how well the child is able to develop and this video highlights this majorly.

For me,  all children go through many things out with school and this may be the reason as to why some children may not be developing as quickly as others. My role as a future primary teacher is to make sure the classroom is a safe, well nurtured and happy place for every child to be in. I will promote positive relationships within the class so that every child feels welcome and involved at school which they might not feel these things at home. These positive and trustworthy relationship will be promoted around the school so that all children are feeling this way.

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