Why Do I Want to Become a Teacher?

Why teaching? Well, if i’m being completely honest, i left school undecided about what i wanted to do in the future. I was never the person who knew exactly what job they wanted as a career from a very young age. I always changed my mind. It wasn’t until i went to college after leaving school that i finally made up my mind and knew i wanted to become a primary teacher. I have always been told that i had a good nature with children and i always found myself enjoying being within their company but it wasn’t until i attended placement in a primary school for two days a week that i knew that teaching was for me. I want to become a primary teacher because i look forward to seeing the children develop cognitively knowing that i had an input to this and help them learn new things to help them move successfully through their primary education. I also look forward to being able to support children with different needs and abilities along with learning about each individuals personality.

I want and hope to become a teacher who the children feel comfortable with in order to tell me when things are bothering them – whether it’s issues at home or at school. I want to be able to support the children in anyway i can and keep them safe. I also want to be able to use my creative skills within art lessons and decorate my classroom depending on a topic the class are learning about. I also want to become a teacher who makes the lessons a little more fun for the children to enjoy. I want the children to enjoy being in my class, however, i will be firm with them when they are breaking school rules. Overall, i want to be a teacher who is successful with educating her pupils the things they need for future education and will help children with different abilities to develop to their full potential.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Want to Become a Teacher?

  1. Katie Rebecca Whitham

    It sounds like you’re confident now with your choice of career. You’re experience working in schools sounds like great fun, you must have learnt a lot.

  2. Eilidh Lamont

    I can totally relate to not knowing exactly what you wanted to do growing up. I didn’t have much of a clue until after I left school either! But it sounds like your experiences and time at college really helped you to decide on teaching and it’s so cool that you’re excited about your decision now!


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