What is reflection?

Reflection is when you look back and analysis an occasion or situation in a critical manner. This allows us to learn from our experiences and understand what we can do differently the next time. Questioning yourself such as, what did I do well? What did I not do so well with? Are great with helping you manage how you would deal with something for a second time. Reflection is important as it’s about exploring what you thought and felt instead of only thinking about what happened.

As a student I’m completely open to receiving feedback from my peers as I know that it will help me understand my situation with tasks better. It also helps me with realising things I maybe didn’t notice I had done wrong which I could go on to fix. Positive feedback for peers can also make me feel confident knowing that they believe I had done something really well. Refection is really important as a student teacher within a classroom. Everyone makes mistakes and doesn’t always get things right first time. Reflection allows us students to look back on the event and analysis ad understand what went wrong and what we could do differently next time.

Gibbs’ Model of Reflection (1988)


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  1. Katie Rebecca Whitham

    Hi Samantha, this is a good post giving lots of content about what reflection means to you and how you can use it. I also like the picture you have used, it makes the post inviting to read and is relevant to what you have been writing about. One thing you could do to make your post seen by more people is by categorising it, this way more people can give you feedback on your posts. They’re good! Have confidence 🙂


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