Benefits of Active Learning and Co-operative Working

Active Learning

I believe active learning is a learning style which has you take notes during a lecture rather than sitting listening and watching the power point. Re-writing notes you take during lectures is a great way to study and understand the new information. This particular method is what I use when revising and I believe it is extremely effective, especially when using different colours to make it more appealing. Another benefit of this learning style is that most students find it more encouraging to be active while learning rather than being passive. Active learning can also make learning more interesting and fun. I’ve observed from experience that primary school children take in information easier if the task is fun and interesting for them. ‘Bums on seats’, as my college tutor would say, is not always effective and teachers should get the children up and learning through different methods other than working from the board or text book. Using this method can also change the children’s attitudes towards certain subjects, such as maths, as it’s made more interesting for them.

Co-operative Working

Working co-operatively makes me think of different people coming together to form a team working towards the same goal. Whether this be people in different professions, i.e. teachers, social workers and CLD workers, they all join together in order to achieve the same objective – make sure a child is kept safe and achieving their full potential. The benefits of working co-operatively, continuing with the idea of these specific professions working together, is that as each profession would have different information from the others, they can share it with each other and gather it all together to make the situation of the child more clearer. Also working together with others can bring a variety of different skills and abilities into one group which would make achieving the final goal easier. Working with others can also relieve stress and make the task more enjoyable. Overall, I believe successful collaborative working can be very important and makes the end goal easier to achieve effectively.

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