Personal audit & transferable skills

Activity 1

1. Below are a list of skills and abilities. Complete an audit of where you are now. Record this in your learning journal/portfolio.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities




 Team work  x
 Creativity  x
 Share opinions confidently  x
 Contribute to discussions  x
 Organised  x
 Take risks  x
 Work under pressure  x


Although it is important to identify where we are now, it is not enough to stop there. We need to reflect upon how we can develop the skills where we are less confident and how we can transfer the skills in which we are confident and competent.

Activity 2

Complete the audit below, using the information from the table above.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
Creativity  I will use this skill to make learning more fun for the children in my class. I will also be able to plan enjoyable art lessons and decorate the class room well. Being creative could also mean that I find a different way to teach the children subjects in order for it to be more interesting and fun for them.  I have always had a great interest in art and during school, I found different materials and techniques to create images. Although my images were often self-portraits, I used different colour scales and painting techniques to create the picture. I achieved an advanced higher grade in art.
Contribute to discussions  To help my voice be heard and whether I agree or disagree to others opinions.  I have contributed in group discussions during school and college and told people about my own experiences in situations.
 Team work  To help work collaboratively with other teachers and staff members to improve my own teaching technique within school.  I’ve worked as a team many times in the past. Whether it be group projects, group studying or teaching dance and gym class. We all had our own part

** This section should be completed as you identify when/where/how you have used/developed these skills.

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