Monthly Archives: April 2016

My computer has taken over my life!

The use of computers in the classroom is becoming increasingly more widespread. IWB are in most classrooms now as a teaching tool and computers, even iPads have been introduced for children to work on.

While I believe that the internet is a wonderful resource to find information and share ideas with other members of the teaching profession and beyond, I also believe that their use in the classroom is growing out of control. Children do enjoy using technology, as I have experienced while out on placement recently, however, there are so many other parts of the curriculum in which computers are resorted to for teaching.

Can we as a profession no longer use creativity to think up exciting lessons? Children in years to come are unlikely to remember a computer project, they will remember lessons which engaged and involved them. I am not saying that computers should be scrapped from classrooms completely, merely that they should be used in proportion.

From my time at primary school, I can only remember tasks which were active in involving and engaging me – in primary 7 we built a life size Anderson Shelter and decorated the cupboard to look like the inside of one. It taught us how cramped conditions were during air raids without even looking at a computer. Although this was quite a few years ago, and computers were only just beginning to be used in the classroom, I think the case would be the same for children in the classroom today.

Therefore, I ask the question, would modern teachers manage without computers in thinking up, finding resources for and conducting lessons? I believe they could, but how many would do it?