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Study Skills – Understanding What University Involves

While this book contains helpful information, and I am sure will continue to help me develop as I read further, I believe the first chapter, to me, was not particularly useful. When instructed to read this chapter, we had begun our first week of lectures for our course, and, as the first 15 pages of this chapter spoke about “Preparing for University” life and then about “Starting Out”, I felt that this information was not particularly helpful as these were problems that I had already faced and overcome to get to the stage that I am currently at. The book then proceeds to explain expectations of University, and how these differ from previous education or life experiences. While most of the information here merely emphasized what I already knew about the commitment of higher education, it was interesting to read in a more structured fashion. Becoming an undergraduate on leaving high school was a huge leap, and at times intimidated me, however, seeing these guidelines and reading more about university skills in this book helped me. The final part in this section of the book speaks of graduate skills, and what is expected after leaving university. While daunted by the fact of reading about this after only just beginning my course, it was helpful to read about the skills which I already have, and those which I hope to develop through university, which will help me progress in my teaching career after graduating in 2019.