MA1 Placement

My 1PP1 goals:

  • To become more confident in my ability to teach. (SPR 3.2.1, Integrity)
    • Being as young as I am, and fairly lacking in experience, I am anxious about teaching a class by myself for the first time. While I have taken groups of children on placement last year, I have not had responsibility for the whole class at once. Hopefully after a few experiences of this during placement, my confidence will grow and I will not feel as nervous.
  • To successfully employ behaviour management strategies if necessary (SPR 3.2.2)
    • Following on from my first point, the teacher I have been working with has always taken responsibility for behaviour management, and I am worried that I will not be able to apply the techniques I learn in the right situations.
  • To improve my ability to interact with staff and children on a professional level (SPR 3.1.2)
    • The staff room will be a new experience for me and I need to learn how to behave professionally yet socially in this situation. Also I need to improve the way in which I interact with the children. Last year, while I did act professionally, the interaction between the children and I was often fairly informal, and I need to learn how to successfully achieve the balance where the children respect me but also find me approachable.

13/4/16 – The above goals were set prior to my 1PP1a block of placement. Following this block, I have decided to change my second and third goal. While behaviour management and professional interaction will still be points for me to focus on, I believe the following two goals will be better for my development in the coming block.

  • To differentiate work to fit the range of abilities in the classroom (SPR 3.1.1)
    • The abilities in the class, while not differing as much as some other classes, do vary quite widely. I will need to plan carefully and in great depth in order to engage and challenge every child in the class appropriately.
  • To plan lessons in great depth with correct and specific L.I. and S.C’s (SPR 2.1.3)
    • While planning my lessons in 1PP1a, I learned that my plans were not detailed enough. This contributed to nerves when in front of the class and subsequently my lessons were not to the standard I would have liked. I must ensure I plan in sufficient detail and know my lesson inside out before entering the classroom.

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