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Using Photography in teaching (4 hours)(Art)

Digital photography can be a useful tool and activity in the primary classroom.  Almost everyone uses it, often without any formal teaching.  Produce an illustrated guidance poster, video or hand-out for primary teachers and or pupils in the use of this medium.  Consider aspects such as image quality, subject matter, composition, inclusion, accessibility, potential health and safety risks, privacy, storage, printing and compile a list of potential uses around the school.


The use of photography in the classroom is all too often limited to the teacher, usually taking pictures of the children working or what they create. These pictures are then used in displays and often little learning is taken from them. While it is good to document and evidence the children’s work, there are so many more learning opportunities to use photography in the classroom.



Using cameras as a medium for art allows children to expand their thoughts about art, and changes their perspective. This strategy can be useful in including children who feel that they are “not good at art”, as they can feel less pressure by using photography. They can capture the beauty of what they see without worrying about drawing properly etc.


There are also other uses for photography which draws links between art and the artistic nature of photography (angles, lighting etc), and other areas of the curriculum – some ideas are shown in the leaflet I have created for the TDT.




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