The Beginning of Learning from Life

As I write this post I am currently sitting in Edinburgh airport waiting for my first flight to Heathrow before connecting onto a flight to Dallas, Texas to undertake my Learning from Life Placement. I have chosen to work with Tracy Locke. They’re a marketing and advertising company whose head offices are located in Dallas. The reason I have chosen to undertake this placement is because I do not know much about this industry, but, I do know that it is something which influences every one of us everyday. This includes primary school children, and from this I will be able to teach my pupils about the importance  influence of advertising in our lives.

My initial feelings:

Right now, I am extremely nervous. This placement is going to be something that is completely out of my comfort zone as it is most definitely not an area of expertise! But that is the reason that I have chosen it. I love learning about new things.

However, I am excited. This is going to be the opportunity of a lifetime and without the encouragement of lecturers to go abroad I don’t think I would have done this.

My portfolio will be displayed as Blog Posts through Glow and you can follow my twitter for everyday updates! @carys_UoD

Thanks for reading and here’s hoping this placement will be something I’ll remember for the rest if my life.




4 thoughts on “The Beginning of Learning from Life

  1. Dr Fi McGarry

    Good luck with your placement! You ARE very brave to move so far out of your comfort zone, but you do stand to benefit so much more because of this. Hope you enjoy it, too!

  2. Susan Buckman

    Carys, can’t wait to read how you are getting on. I think this is going to be an extraordinary experience !

  3. Carrie McLennan

    Sounds exiting, Tracy! Remember to keep reflecting on how this experience will enhance your work as a primary teacher in the future. Best wishes and have a ball!

  4. Richard Holme

    This sounds fascination – I have so many questions about how you set this up, and what it is like. I hope you can share your experience through the blog and when you get back? There might be a Pedagoo CPD event in September in Dundee – if so you could come to that and talk about it there!


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