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Attachment Theory

Looking back on my lecture notes I know that I have really enjoyed learning so many different aspects of child development within psychology. One which I seemed to have enjoyed a lot is attachment theory. It has been found that attachment occurs in the first twelve to twenty four hours of life and that the social behaviour children bring into the classroom is related to attachment.  This is sAttachmento important as a teacher to know as I must be able to relate to pupils and their past.



Psychologist John Bowlby carried out an experiment in 1944. He wanted to find out the long-term effects of maternal deprivation on people in order to see whether delinquents have suffered deprivation. Bowlby interviewed 44 teenagers who were in a child prison program for stealing. He then selected 44 children who had emotional issues and were in the program. But, they had not committed any offences. Bowlby had meetings with parents from both groups to state whether their children had experienced separation during the critical period of a child’s life and for how long. It was found that 70% of the thieves had maternal deprivation and that a big number of the young thieves (32%) showe06-thief-color_2203014d ‘affectionless psychopathy.’  Highlighting that attachment is so serious in the development of a child for the issues that will occur in the rest of their life.

Therefore, this experiment by Bowlby lets us understand the importance of attachment. It can be such a huge influence on the future of a child- academically and socially.



According to google, the term ‘feedback’  is information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

The use of feedback in University is necessary, but it is as equally important in the teaching profession and there are positive and negative aspects to feedback.

In university we are given feedback on where we can improve, but recently in my Politics essay I was told that the structure of my essay was very good and I was able to use the referencing system well. This boosted my self esteem for the next essay I wrote for feedbackthe subject. I felt a sense of confidence I do not usually have when writing an academic piece. I feel that this highlights the positive aspect of feedback. But there was obviously negative feedback too. However, it was helpful and I knew what I needed to do for next time.

While on placement it is vital that we receive feedback. We must be told where we can improve or possibly change our teaching styles. But, also told if we dealt with a certain situation in the correct manner.

As teachers: we must feedback to our pupils in order for them to understand how to improve, but more importantly, also how well they have done in certain aspects of the task. I feel it is so important to tell children where they have done well as it can allow their self esteem to grow and allow them to keep working hard towards specific goals.

Therefore, I feel that feedback is essential and so important in the role of a student teacher and as a qualified teacher.