MA1 Placement

3 goals for my first placement:goals

  • Planning

I want to ensure that I am following the SPRs and I am keeping them in mind when I am planning and presenting my lessons to the class. The standards state that student teachers should:

2.1.3- know how to plan for effective teaching and learning across different contexts and experiences” and “know and understand how to justify what is taught within curricular areas in relation to the curriculum and the relevance to the needs of all learners.”  To do this I will continually speak to the class teacher to find out what level of work students are at and I will adapt my plans to suit individuals’ levels. I will want to make my lessons quite practical and hands-on so that my pupils are able to gain different experiences from each curricular subject.


The SPRs are an important aspect in my education and they must be remembered in order to become a successful teacher. I want to show my professional commitment to the career through my knowledge of them. Through the planning of my lessons, I will develop a sound understanding of the curriculum and know that it will be continually developing and I will need to learn to adapt to these changes to keep my lessons relevant. The standards state that a student teacher must:

2.1.1know about and understand the processes of change and development in the curriculum;” To do this I will continue to read up to date documents in order to keep my lessons suitable to what the curriculum orders.

  • Behaviour Management

One of my biggest goals is being able to control and manage the behaviour of my class in a way in which I do not seem to be ‘too hard’ on my pupils. I will undertake part of my professional reading on how to manage behaviour within in the classroom. The part of the SPRs which deals with behaviour management is: 3.2.2- Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies- apply the school’s positive behaviour policy, including strategies for understanding and preventing bullying and show awareness of educational research and local and national advice, and demonstrate the ability to use a variety of strategies to build relationships with learners, promote positive behaviour and celebrate success.” 

To do this I will build up a positive and professional relationship with my pupils. I do not want to seem ‘too friendly’ with my pupils as this may hinder the respect the pupils will have for me. But, I want to be someone who they can trust to speak to if there is something affecting the way in which they behave. This relates to the SPR;

2.1.4: “know how to promote and support the cognitive, emotional, social and physical well-being of all learners in their care, and show commitment to raising these learners’ expectations of themselves”

I will carefully watch the class teacher and understand her methods and I will put them into practice when I am in charge of groups or the whole class.

  • Assessing pupils correctly

My final goal for my MA1 placement is to use an assessment procedure in the correct fashion in order to understand if my teaching has been successful. The SPR which relates to this is 3.3.1: Use assessment, recording and reporting as an integral part of the teaching process to support and enhance learning- use a range of approaches for formative and summative assessment purposes, appropriate to the needs of all learners and the requirements of the curriculum and awarding and accrediting bodies, enable all learners to engage in self-evaluation and peer assessment to benefit learning and record assessment information to enhance teaching and learning. 

To do this I will watch how the class teacher assesses her pupils and use her method. But, I am very keen on using peer assessment. This allows children to work collaboratively, but also understand where they need some extra support with the use of someone their own age.




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