Creativity in the Classroom – a call out to share what works

Consider yourself creative?

The Creativity Portal is looking for examples of simple, short creative exercises that teachers and youth workers like yourself have used in the classroom and youth group settings.

It could be:

  • A creative chemistry experiment
  • The school’s fastest paper aeroplane contest
  • The imaginative alphabet
  • A 30 second dramatic warm-up

We would love to hear what’s worked for you. Get a mention on the national Creativity Portal and an invitation to future creative CPD. A wee bit of text is all it takes.

Add to the Creativity Archive here within Glow.

Or email

New Qualifications – November Update

 More detail about how each new National 5 Course will be assessed is now available. Draft Course Assessment Specifications for National 5 have been published on the SQA website and define the mandatory assessment requirements for Courses at National 5.

The purpose of the Course Assessment Specification is to ensure consistent and transparent assessment year on year. It describes the structure of the Course assessment and the mandatory skills, knowledge and understanding that will be assessed.

 Find out more about the qualifications development stages.

 Draft Unit Specifications have also been published for new Higher Courses. 

Feedback on these documents can be given via Have Your Say until 31 January 2012. The final versions of all SQA draft documents will be published in April 2012.

Cheers for credit unions!

This resource illustrates the development of financial capability using pupil-run credit unions. The activities address experiences and outcomes within Curriculum for Excellence and help schools and early years’ establishments make connections across learning.

This 3-18 resource will support staff in embedding financial education in the curriculum, supporting family learning and promoting partnership working within the community.

To find out more click here.

16+ Learning Choices Coordinators’ Meeting

67 delegates (16+ LC Coordinators, Education Scotland colleagues from Communities Team, colleagues from LA CLD, HMI, Scottish Government, local authority colleagues) attended the network event in Perth on 23rd November. The purpose of the event was to embrace the positive input that CLD can make to 16+ Learning Choices.

There was an input from Rosie Whelan, Scottish Government and a presentation from Kenny Lindsay, CLD Manager, Children and Young People, Dundee City Council, round table discussions and speed networking workshops from representatives from 8 LA CLD representatives.Kenny Lindsay CLD Presentation 16 plus LC event Perth 23 11 11

Attached is Kenny Lindsay’s presentation from the network event.

STEM Central…in Motion

As they have the opportunity to explore STEM Central, we find practitioners using the ideas and adapting to suit the learners’ interests. At Madras College in St Andrews, it began as an electric car context, but PT Physics Sean Duffy and his colleagues have adapted to use in the context of electrical systems for satellites. More to follow in the STEM Central in Motion Glow Group.

Institut Français d’Ecosse – Rencontres théâtrales 2012

Rencontres théâtrales is an inter-school drama competition which has been organised by the Institut Français d’Ecosse in co-operation with Local Authorities.

This competition was created to provide an opportunity for pupils to practise French in a fun way, to carry out a project as a team and learn to work in a group.

The competition is open to Scottish primary and secondary pupils who are studying French. There are two categories, which cater for pupils from P3 to S6:

Primary:           P3 to P7 (length of the play between 5 -10mn)

Secondary:      S1 to S6 (length of the play between 10-15mn)

In 2012, the “Rencontres Théâtrales” for both primary and secondary classes, will take place

 Thursday 1rst March 2012, Broughton High School, Edinburgh.
 Wednesday 28th March at Bucksburn Academy, Aberdeen.
 Monday 11th June in Glasgow at Whitehill secondary School, Glasgow.
 at Millburn Academy, Inverness (date tbc)

If you would like your learners to take part then I’ve posted the application forms in a folder in the resources and sharing section of the National Glow group.  To access the forms please click here

Santa Glow Meet

The Santa Glow Meet is back again for another year. This time, our good friend Santa will be coming to Glow users LIVE from the infant department at Fallin Primary near Stirling and he will be answering your questions LIVE through Glow TV. This was a hugely popular and successful event last year and Santa got lots of tricky questions from Glow viewers, as well as those in the school.

Sign up, prepare some questions and get ready to see Santa LIVE through Glow.

To find out more about the Glow Meet and to sign up click here. (Glow log in required)
To visit the Glow Group click here. (Glow log in required)

Active Learning in Modern Languages

I was delighted to be able to make a good practice visit to the Modern Langauges Department at St Ninian’s High School in Kirkintilloch.  Diane Stokoe amd her team set up a carrousel of various activities that promoted active learning around the theme of ghosts. 

Instead of going to their normal classes, S2 pupils, assisted by S6 helpers, spent the morning in the assembly hall doing vocabulary building games such as ” à la pêche” or “Le pas de grand-mère”, following French recipes for “gooo”, or finding their way round a” maison hantée”.

The learners really enjoyed this fun-filled, creative approach to learning a language.

To view one of the activities please click here

To see my post on the chalk face blog please click here        



Daily What Headline Competition

Your chance to win a Kindle and see your work published

All you have to do is to think up a catchy headline, with no more than eight words, to go with the featured story.

The winning entry will be picked by the editor-in-chief of the Herald & Times newspaper group, Jonathan Russell, from a shortlist chosen by the Daily What News team.

Our winner’s headline will be published with the story on the Daily What News website, and will appear in the Herald newspaper. The lucky writer will also get a Kindle e-reader, courtesy of the Herald & Times group.

Deadline for entries: midnight on Thursday 1 December 2011

The winner will be announced on Friday 9 December 2011.

To find out more about the competition click here.

Scots Language in the Early Years

Do you know what ‘cow’,  ‘dog’ or ‘vest’ is in Scots? If not tune in and watch again on Early Years Glow TV. We had a fantastic session with Matthew Fitt this morning, lots of establishments tuned in and took part by burlin’ roon  and shoutin’ oot!

If you would like to know more visit the Glow TV ‘discussion’ section of our Early Years National Glow site and download the hints and tips on how to explore Scots more in your classroom/playroom.

Here are some useful links too:

Scotland’s Songs for Early Years

Scotland’s Stories


Thank you for tuning in!

Curriculum Area Events on Glow TV

SQA, in partnership with Education Scotland, are holding a series of curriculum area events to discuss the new national qualifications and give practical support on their implementation. The events are also an opportunity for practitioners to give their views on the new qualifications. Places have been allocated to local authorities and their schools, independent schools and colleges. The events are part of a range of support to help local authorities and individual centres prepare for implementing the new qualifications.

The events will take place on 29 November, and 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13 December. Each event will be streamed live on Glow via the SQA Glow Group.  Most events and workshops will be shown live and recorded for watching again later.

A number of resources will be available following each event, including opportunities to hear some of the discussions from the day.

National Quality Assurance Group Training

The Assessment Team have been working to prepare for a National Quality Assurance Group (NQAG) training event tomorrow.  NQAG members comprise practitioners from all Scottish Government sectors and representatives from education authorities, the college sector, higher education, Education Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority.  The NQAG quality assure material before it is published to the National Assessment Resource (NAR).  A quality mark is added to materials that NQAG identify as particularly strong examples.

Curriculum Update at Glow Key Contacts

Today I went along to the Glow Key Contacts Meeting to give an update about new resources from the Curriculm Team  at Education Scotland. 

You will find the presentation I used here. (Glow log in required)

The resources I highlighted included:

Education Scotland’s Learning Blog

Chalkface Blog

STEM Central

Marks on the Landscape

Come and meet Debi Gliori!

Debi Gliori lives in Scotland. Debi is well known for both her picture books and her novels for children and has been shortlisted for all the major prizes, including the Kate Greenaway Award (twice) and the Scottish Arts Council Award. Debi was the Shetland Islands’ first Children’s Writer-in-Residence. She published her first book in 1990 and since then has published so many successful books that she has lost count. She has written and illustrated No Matter What, The Trouble With Dragons, Stormy Weather and, most recently, The Scariest Thing of All for Bloomsbury.
In this session she will work with pupils from Primary 2 at Haddington Infant School – why don’t you join her?
Yes I would love to join her! (29.11.11 @ 1.30pm)
Can’t join in at the time? Remember to watch again!

Wonderful New French resources for MLPS

Are you teaching French in Primary school?  Do you want to make your lessons more interactive?  Are you concerned about how to ensure your learners have good pronunciation and can develop their listening skills?    Look no further!!!

Some very kind, not to mention talented, people at Dumfries and Galloway council have spend a huge amount of time creating Activeboard flipcharts for every topic covered by the materials in the in the resource packs originally developed by Glasgow City Council.  All the activities have been recorded by native speakers and the sound files embedded in each flipchart so that perfect pronunciation is available at the click of a mouse button!

The files will only open if you save them first onto your PC , then open your Promethean software, click on file and then browse for the saved flipchart file. 

The flipcharts can be used as templates, developed and changed in any way teachers see fit to meet the needs of their learners.  They should be compatible with other interactive whiteboard software.

Many thanks to Janice Byers from Dumfires and Galloway Council for making these resources available to everyone and to Glasgow City Council for giving permission for the reproduction of their graphics.

To access the materials, please click here.

If you use the materials, please let me know how you get on by posting a comment below, or by sending me an email to

National Science and Engineering Week

Organised by the British Science Association, National Science and Engineering Week aims to inspire the next generation of scientists with a programme of fun activities. It will run from 9-18 March 2012 and will explore the theme ‘Our World in Motion’.

The event highlights how the sciences and engineering relate to our everyday lives. With over 4500 events and activities attended by 1.7 million people in 2011, it is one of the UK’s biggest celebrations of science, engineering and technology.

To take part in 2012, you can either plan your own event or ask a local organisation to take part.


STEM Central
High-quality resources, teaching ideas, videos and interactives to develop learning experiences relating to Scottish engineering.


British Science Association
Find out more about National Science and Engineering Week.


STEM Central at SSERC

Sciences Development Officer, Lauren Boath, is looking forward to sharing STEM Central developments at the SSERC Conference at the Carnegie Conference Centre on 2nd December 2011. A busy and interesting programme, Education Scotland is pleased to be included to discuss STEM Central and participate in the day.

NAR 3B Development Work

The National Assessment Resource continues to be developed by teachers and practitioners.  The Education Scotland Assessment Team are preparing to work with nominated participants from local authorities throughout Scotland in phase 3B of NAR development work.  This phase of NAR exemplification is focused on assessment for larger groups of learners–within a whole class, school, and across associated school groups.  Support material which is being used at the first NAR 3B event can be found on the National Assessment Glow Group.

CPD @ KGS – an inhouse programme of Glow Shorts at Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney

Jean Ward, DHT at Kirkwall Grammar School in Orkney has been making good use of our CPDShorts by creating an innovative programme of lunchtime sessions based around them.

The Glow CPDShorts – thought pieces on current issues in Scottish education – were held on four successive Wednesdays at lunchtime; all staff were invited to bring their lunch. These sessions are quick and informal – in order to make the most of time available the sessions are “flipped” with some suggested advance reading or watching.

Jean has kindly shared her programme with us. CPDShorts are freely available to all members of CPDCentral, so if you are a CPDLeader in your school, why not try them out as part of your collective CPD plan and get some lunchtime learning going on!

Wed 2 November. CPDShort 3 – Advancing Waves – what should education be about?

Presenter, John Connell

Wed 9 November. CPDShort 13 – Coaching and mentoring in the context of PRD

Presenter – Bob Cook’s paper on GLOW and the following YouTube links:

(or just ‘search’ coaching and mentoring on YouTube for many more excellent presentations for discussion)

Wed 16 November. CPDShort 8 – Sharing – the moral imperative

Presenter – Dean Shareski

Wed 23 November. CPDShort 4 – Motivating all learners

Presenter – Alan McLean


Although each meeting attracted only a small audience, it was important to those who came that they could share discussion in an informal setting. It was noticeable that most participants were from smaller departments with limited opportunity for professional dialogue.

Please get in touch if you would like more details.

Jean Ward

The Historic Scotland Free Ticket Giveaway

This weekend (Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of November) sees Historic Scotland allow visitors to access over 40 of Scotland’s top heritage attractions for free.

To obtain tickets, you need to register in advance at Historic Scotland’s website to download their free weekend pass. This pass gives free access for up to two adults and three children to all ticketed Historic Scotland properties on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November.

Sites which the pass include cover Historic Scotland’s winter ticketed attractions such as Edinburgh Castle, the newly refurbished renaissance palace at Stirling Castle, and Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

For further information and full details, see Historic Scotland’s special website:

Enterprising Science & Technologies

The aim of these materials is to support teachers who wish to undertake interdisciplinary learning for children and young people from pre-school to age 15, by providing high quality guidelines for planning.

Making connections across learning 3-15

The principal focus is on science and technology, while making appropriate, relevant and purposeful links to other areas of the curriculum. The project has been developed as a partnership between the Association for Science Education and the Technology Teachers’ Association, led by HMIE and with professional support from Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Ideas maps

‘Ideas maps’ are used as the basis for developing related activities and experiences for the sciences and technologies. The approach offers choice, flexibility and stimulus for teachers to develop their own ideas. The ideas maps provide a good start for interdisciplinary teaching and can contribute to connected, meaningful learning for children and young people.

The project provides many opportunities for cross-subject working in secondary schools, and for collaboration between primary and secondary establishments. The potential for involving parents, employers, entrepreneurs and community organisations as partners is significant – each topic highlights these opportunities and suggests where this would be of benefit.

To find out more about the resource click here.

To visit the Glow Group and access the resources click here. (Glow log in required)

Physics Revised Advanced Higher support

Work on the support for the revised Advanced Higher Physics continues, with teacher and learner support being developed and due for publication in spring 2012. Areas for support include new Space and Time, and development is being carried out by practitioners from schools across Scotland, in conjunction with partners from higher education and SSERC. A real team effort!

St Andrew’s Day Debating Championship 2012

On Monday 28th November, the annual St Andrew’s Day debating championship will be held in the Scottish Parliament with students and senior pupils from universities and schools across Scotland competing in debating heats covering a range of issues important in today’s society.

The Final will take place in the Debating Chamber chaired by the Presiding Officer with the opportunity to win the specially engraved Scottish Parliament Quaich. This year, for the first time, all schools across the country will be able to follow the progress of the competition on Glow throughout the day and then watch the final, streamed live on Glow TV. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to get involved in a high quality debate and to learn more about debating.

The programme of the heats that will be covered throughout the day as well as an opportunity to sign up and take part is available in Glow TV. Sign up and join us!

Action on Youth Unemployment


The Scottish Government will work with some of Scotland’s largest employers to deliver an action plan to improve employment prospects for young people.

Finance Secretary John Swinney joined Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) Chairman Lord Smith at the company’s headquarters for the joint publication of The Smith Group report into youth employability.

Mr Swinney outlined Scottish Government action to address youth unemployment with a record 25,000 Modern Apprenticeship places this year and in each year of this parliament, and the ‘Opportunities for All’ programme which guarantee a training or learning place for all 16-19 year olds.

The Smith Group has been active since 2005, advising and guiding Ministers in successive administrations on education policy, enterprise in education and youth employment issues. Their latest report can be found here.

[ website ]

Glow event: BBC L.A.B. Radio Workshop: Make a Sport Podcast

Watch again and think about future sports podcasting

 Over two Mondays in November and December, we want you to work with us to make your own radio programme or podcast – on a sporting theme. We’ll be hosting two workshops in the L.A.B at BBC Scotland, and you can join in from your classroom. Click here to sign up.]

Click here for more info

The latest Early Years Glow meet

Our Glow meet, “Towards the Vision: Developing Literacy in the Early Years” was a great success.

Join in the interesting discussions here.

Grant Gillies, Literacy Development Officer at Education Scotland spoke about Bloom’s Higher Order Thinking fans. Find out about the Kilmalcolm case study here:

Find Bloom’s Higher Order Thinking fans here:

Case study: How Preston Lodge is helping to spread the food and health message

The food and health strand of the new curriculum is an opportunity and a challenge to many schools, especially those primary schools where the topic may not have been tackled previously and where facilities and resources are limited.

In Prestonpans the primary and secondary schools in the area are addressing this by getting together to share expertise. The result has been a series of CPD ‘twilight sessions’ run by Preston Lodge High School for the benefit of its cluster of five primary schools. And it seems to be working.

Home economics teacher and health and well-being co-ordinator Liz Nichol explains that when teachers at Preston Lodge started examining what was needed for food and health from early years right the way through to age 18, they quickly realised they needed to work with their primary school colleagues.

“I thought: we already have the food and health specialists in secondary schools in the form of home economics and food technology teachers and this really lends itself well to a cluster approach with the secondary teachers helping the feeder primary teachers.”

Such an approach would also be mutually beneficial. “We could help ensure what was being delivered in the primary setting fitted with the secondary syllabus and vice-versa.”

Over a period of two weeks Liz and her colleagues held four CPD sessions on different topics in the food and health strand of the curriculum. Between 10 and 15 teachers from the feeder primary schools attended each session.

Three of those topics aligned with the main syllabus topics – nutrition, safe and hygienic practice and food and the consumer. The fourth was devoted to practical food skills and during the two-hour session teachers were shown how to create different recipes, ranging from a couscous salad to Caribbean fruit cake.

This session, which was very practically based, was extremely popular with the teachers, Liz reports. “We allowed staff to take over as much as possible. We also showed how different the approach would need to be if you were teaching primary year one compared to primary year six.”

The emphasis throughout was on a “can do” approach, she adds. So although teachers were told about the importance of an initial risk assessment, they were also assured that if done sensibly it should not run foul of health and safety and that the skills being imparted were sufficiently generic for any teacher to employ.

Teachers also started to realise this was about imparting particular skills rather than having to make a meal from start to finish, says Liz. One teacher found it particularly instructive to learn about some of the techniques for cutting vegetables, for instance. “She realised this could be used to make simple things like a dip or vegetable crudités. She’s now thinking: we can do this on a skills basis.”

Liz and her colleagues have followed up these initial sessions with two further refresher sessions and the evaluation has been positive. “They are saying we can do something here.”

Preston Lodge already encourages children from the feeder schools to work with secondary pupils on food and health topics and it is hoped the cross- fertilisation will continue.

This can sometimes be an eye-opener. For example, it is clear to Liz when she demonstrates cutting, coring and peeling an apple that many of the children – who are 10 or 11 – have never done this before, at school or at home.

She encourages them to take any chance they can to cut and peel fruit and vegetables when they are at home because that will help prepare them for what they will be expected to undertake once they are at high school.

She is delighted that food and health now play such a central part in the new curriculum. And she is optimistic that in time this can start to have an impact on the rising tide of obesity.

“I think children are becoming much more aware of health issues and their potential impact,” she says. “But although they often know what they should be doing, actually putting it into practice is a different story. But if everybody is approaching it in a similar way it will definitely have an impact in the long-term.”

Contact details:

More information: practical food skills 

Food and Health Alliance – How CfE supports learning about Food and Health

The Food & Health Alliance is a Scottish network that engages a variety of people from different sectors and professions who are all involved with food and health work. It helps to inform people, connect people with others, and aid policy development and implementation.

Keeping you up-to-date on food and health news, including what’s happening in all sectors.

Connect people with each other across all food and health areas in Scotland. By bringing people together, we help to share information and experiences, help make links and provide a chance to network across different sectors.

Connect people to policy by increasing the awareness and understanding of food and health policies. Our aim is to raise the profile of food and health and provide opportunities to influence policies.

Click here to read an article about Food and Health in the curriculum.

Get Debating for St Andrew’s Day

On Monday 28th November, the annual St Andrew’s Day debating championship will be held in the Scottish Parliament with students and senior pupils from universities and schools across Scotland competing in debating heats covering a range of issues important in today’s society. The Final will take place in the Debating Chamber chaired by the Presiding Officer with the opportunity to win the specially engraved Scottish Parliament Quaich. This year, for the first time, all schools across the country will be able to follow the progress of the competition on Glow throughout the day and then watch the final, streamed live on Glow TV. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to get involved in a high quality debate and to learn more about debating.

Sign up here to follow the debate on Glow TV.

For more information on developing your own debates in school click here.

Resources for St. Andrew’s Day

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. Find out more about the Saint, view an animated version of his story, and discover why the Saltire is Scotland’s national flag. Find out more information on Education Scotland’s Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day Website.

Click here to find St. Andrew’s Day resources.

On Monday 28th November, the annual St Andrew’s Day debating championship will be held in the Scottish Parliament with students and senior pupils from universities and schools across Scotland competing in debating heats covering a range of issues important in today’s society. To find out more click here.

Other Education Scotland resources include:

Scotland’s Songs

Scotland’s Stories

Moving Image Education

Moving Image Education (MIE) is fast becoming an integral part of 21st century literacy and modern teaching practice. Using moving image texts as a source in addition to the written word has been proved to vastly increase wider literacy skills, confidence, engagement and fun in the classroom.

Education Scotland is working in partnership with Creative Scotland to make moving image education more accessible and active within Glow.

We now have a Moving Image Education National Glow Group which is steadily being populated with information, resources and CPD opportunities. Work is also underway to engage with Glow users across Scotland and encourage them to participate in interesting and relevant topics of discussion through the group’s Glow Forum. We look forward to seeing you on Glow.

NAR Familiarisation Events

The Assessment Team have been running regional National Assessment Resource (NAR) Familiarisation events.  These engagements have provided a practical opportunity to learn together how to perform a variety of online tasks within NAR.  The sessions have also explored how NAR can be used as a CPD resource to develop: an understanding of sound assessment practice; a shared understanding of standards and expectations;  the capacity to make sound judgements which can be consistently applied.  Material from NAR Familiarisation events can be found in the National Assessment Glow Group.

A RIGHT wee blether – What Did You Do?

Have you and your class been taking part in a RIGHT Wee Blether? If so why not join our Glow Meet and share with us what you have been doing?

We all hope you have enjoyed blethering with your 2 to 5 year olds. In this Glow Meet you will see Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People in Broxburn Primary and Nursery talking to staff and children about how they took part, join us to show us your wee books about him and tell us your stories!!

We will also be looking at some of Our Wee Stories which have been returned to the office and if we’re lucky the blether bear will be there too!

So sign up and join us in Glow TV on Thursday 24th November from 11-12pm.

STEM Central and engineering careers

Wondering how engineering connects with your teaching in sciences, technologies, maths, or other curriculum areas? We will shortly be publishing a series of videos on STEM Central useful for practitioners and learners. Titles such as “Why Engineering?”, “Getting Started in Engineering” and “Inspiring Space Engineering”, all with a Scottish flavour, exploring routes in engineering, skills required for success in engineering and the future of engineering in Scotland and beyond.

Wise up Wednesday!

The Early Years team here at Education Scotland have so much to talk about! We have been very busy with our Early Years Saturday conference and the first of our new programme of glow meets.

Early Years Saturday Conference

The conference was a great success and this was greatly reflected in the delegates comments. The conference presentations from Ms Lean Mann, Scottish Government, Professor John Frank, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy and Dr Margy Whalley, Director at Pen Green Research Development & Training Base and Leadership Centre are all in the ‘conferences’ section of the Early Years National Glow Group.

We have also provided useful links for you to follow in relation to the day.

Glow meet – Towards the Vision: Developing Literacy in the Early Years

We had a very successful Glow meet yesterday. Many people tuned in with their staff and took part in conversations. We will add a review of this onto our Glow discussion forum tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who took part and if you couldn’t make it, please click here to watch again.

Don’t forget to sign up to watch Matthew Fitt read stories and sing songs and rhymes in our next Glow meet on Tuesday 29th November at 10am.

Exciting CPD opportunity offered by the Council of Europe


How language learning can prepare children for 21st century citizenship

This is a five day workshop taking place in Greenwich from February 27th until the 2nd of March next year.  Successful applicants will have the unique opportunity to meet,work and discuss with colleagues from all over Europe.

The general aim of the training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme is to train education professionals to become multipliers for Council of Europe standards and values in education.

The workshop will include plenary sessions from a policy maker and a researcher working in the field of multilingualism and intercultural understanding.  The terms of reference will include not only “foreign” language teaching but also the teaching of English and community languages.   This will provide a framework for discussion and debate.

You will also hear the perspectives of some key stakeholders – for example employers, civil society representatives. (Head) teachers and young people about the value (or otherwise) of languages.

 Since the workshop is also intended to have practical outcomes there will be opportunities to visit London schools to observe examples of teaching, to discuss with other practitioners and provide evidence of what can be done.

 Finally the participants themselves will be invited to present examples of work they have done – reports, activities, projects – in this field.   

The Council of Europe will pay all travelling costs to the venue but not accomodation or subsistance.

If you are interested and would like further details please visit the Modern Languages National Glow group.  I’ve posted information in the Resources for Sharing section in a folder marked CPD.  Alternatively you can click here to follow the link.  (You will need your Glow password)


Falkirk Council – Agreeing Standards INSET

Falkirk Council have uploaded moderation CPD material from a recent INSET to the National Assessment Glow Group.  The Primary and Secondary material contains a short introductory interview with Carol Paton, Curriculum Support Officer at Falkirk Council:

CPDMeet 41 – Using Glow in the Classroom

We’re pleased to say that the programme of CPDMeets will be restarted with an offering from the Stepin community.

On Thursday 1st December at 7pm two of the mentors for this community will lead a session on using Glow in the classroom. You will be in the very safe hands of some expert practitioners here, so please come and join them as they share a bit of their Glow magic! Some of you may have seen Olivia Wexelstein talk eloquently at SLF in September about the amazing work her primary learners have been doing using Glow for projects, blogging and portfolios, and Caroline Breyley from Shetland uses Glow regularly with her school to forge and maintain local and international links.

Sign up as usual to this opportunity on Glow

PS. You can find a number of recorded CPDMeets and other online CPD on Glow here Might be worth a bookmark on your browser

Big Share-In on CPDCentral, today!

Once again, we need your wisdom! Think of all the ideas, insights and interesting CPD practice that are hidden away in your brain, on your computer or your local web sites. Go on, bring them to the fore for the benefit of all Scottish educators!

Here’s how

1. log into this page on Glow ( the shortcut is before 4.30pm on November 22nd
2. click the big, green Share Now button

3. fill in a form for every item you want to share (you can attach documents or weblinks to the form)

4. stop when you’ve run out of wisdom or your fingers get sore! 😉

5. the shared items appear on CPDCentral I-share area


1. some of us will be ‘hanging out’ from 4pm onwards in the a CPDMeet room (if you want a chat or help)

2. you can add a targetted keyword (hashtag) to your shared items which will add them directly to other communities linked to CPDCentral. Hover for example . You will find a list of the current hashtags here

700 and counting and a free, on-demand CPD service!

The post in which CPDCentral welcomes its 700th member and launches a free, CPDRequest service!

CPDCentral membership reached the 700 mark yesterday. Our 700th member is Joe Kane (a thoughtful and innovative faculty head from John Ogilvie High School in South Lanarkshire whom I have also had the pleasure to meet). Among many other things, Joe is interested in harnessing the power of a learning round to continue to embed learning through technology in his school.

To celebrate our 700th, we are offering our 1% CPD service, CPDRequest.

image (cc) bengrey on FlickrThe National CPD Team at Education Scotland will arrange CPD for you on any topic, for free, if you can get 1% of the CPDCentral membership to join you in this topic. Here’s how it works:

  • you come up with a topic and its likely impact on learning where you are
  • 6 other CPDCentral colleagues join you
  • we source an interesting practitioner in your topic area
  • we arrange an online CPD opportunity for you (usually a CPDMeet)
  • the CPD is made available to all CPDCentral members through our online CPD catalogue

Oh, and for goodness sake, don’t tell a soul. We’ll be snowed under with requests for all this relevant CPD with real impact on learning! 😉

Remember, 7 is the magic number!

musik + X Touring Exhibition for Schools

Our friends at the Goethe Institut have come up with yet another exciting innovation to help learners and  teachers of German!

Following the success of the Musik + X exhibition part of the British Music Experience at The O2 in Greenwich, the Goethe-Institut is pleased to announce an opportunity for schools to experience the highlights of the exhibition delivered directly to their schools.

Musik + X Wanderausstellung aims to inspire students to consider learning German or enhance their current studies by combining the language with German modern music and youth culture. It gives pupils from UK schools an insight into the youth culture of their German counterparts and is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to develop cross curricular work between German and music.

Four music genres are featured in the posters and DVD; techno, pop, indie and hip hop all optimising the use of German language. Students will gain insight into live concerts, fan mail, photos, posters, instruments, stage costume and more.

Schools have the chance to borrow a series of 17 laminated A1 posters with an accompanying DVD to display in their school for a period of 3 weeks. German teachers can plan their lessons using the posters and teaching materials available from our website. The only cost for schools is the return postage of the package in its own courier case. This Wanderausstellung will be a great addition to your school’s environment.

If you are interested, you can get in touch with the insitut at the following address:


3 park Circus

Glasgow G3 6AX

Tel: 0141 332 2555


You can visit their website by clicking here

Think German and Learn It!

I was really pleased to be invited to a meeting to discuss the benefits of learning German by none other that the Consul General Wolfgang Mössinger at the Scottish parliament last week.  We talked about the “case” for German in terms of the educational, economic, cultural, political and academic benefits it brings.  Representatives were there from partners in industry, higher and further education and from cultural organisations. 

For practitioners interested in developing UK-German opportunitites for schools and youth groups, the UK-German Connection provides advice, grants for trips and projects, guidance on links and joint projects, a platform for celebrating and showcasing UK-German activity, networks for teachers and young people and the UK-German youth portal and voyage kids website:  to access click here

If you have a project with which you think they might help then you can get in touch with them by telephoning their hotline 020 7824 1570 or send them an e-mail at

Videos from the ICT in Education Summit

The Scottish Government recently announced a change to its approach to ICT in education. The ICT in Education Summit on October 17 discussed the stated five objectives with educationalists and learning technologists from across the country.

You can watch the videos from the event here.

You can follow the tweets from this topic at #EduScotICT

Say Bonjour to Remote French Teaching

Cross post from the Glow Scotland Blog.


Intermediate 1 French at Tiree High is a lesson like no other. The S3 pupils’ teacher, Helene Bernard, teaches them from 140 miles away, in a classroom at Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh.

When Tiree High was unable to fill the post for a French teacher last year, the school and its local authority had no choice but to use Glow Meet as a medium to connect its pupils with a French teacher elsewhere. A number of classes, including a P7/S1 and an Intermediate 2 class, are now regularly taught remotely.

“It has been very much a challenge for us. It has taken us probably about a year to get some basic technology issues sorted out,” said Maggie Irving, education support officer for ICT at Argyll and Bute Council.

There were problems with sound quality initially, and new laptops had to be bought to resolve these. Connecting a large number of laptops to the school’s wireless network also proved difficult, with the result that the computers are now hardwired through the network.

In addition, the new learning environment proved a challenge for younger children. “They have to sit down and listen very carefully and respond on a keyboard – not the best learning medium for those learners,” she explained.

Miss Bernard, a native French speaker, was one of two teachers last year to take on the challenge of teaching remotely.

Last week, she had the five girls in her Intermediate 2 class working on directions and maps, using Google Maps to work out and describe how they would get from one location in Lyon to another. They worked in teams to follow directions, and she marked the group’s homework, which they had uploaded onto the Glow Meet site.

“It was quite a learning curve, but we have been able to do so many things because of Glow,” she told TESS. “In a normal classroom, I can’t have all my children going on the internet and checking out real life in France, but I can do that online via Glow.”

In many ways, the teaching experience was not dissimilar to being there with the pupils, she said. “You have a whiteboard on the site, you have the children in front of you through the camera, and we have a jotter. Because it is a language, we have to speak a lot. The only thing that is different is that we have a chat box.”

Teaching via Glow could even be more efficient: “Each of the kids is in front of one computer, so they are very focused; it makes for a very effective class.”

Using Glow for learning, teaching and assessment

On Friday I visited a cluster of primary schools in Fife to present to them how they might use Glow for learning, teaching and assessment. This was part of an in-service day dedicated to looking at how Glow was used and could be used in their schools. It was great to work with such an enthusiastic group of practitioners.

I started off the presentation with an overview which you can find here. (Glow log in required)

Then I showed some examples of how I have used Glow for learning, teaching and assessment which you can find in the following cookbooks:

Logging pupils into Glow

Developing Literacy and Presentation skills through use of Glow Meet

Incorporating principles of AifL into 2nd level Numeracy

Peer Assessment within 2nd Level Literacy and Language

Incorporating Formative Assessment and Critical Skills within 2nd Level Social Subjects

Using a Document Library to Upload and Assess Homework

Health Week Diaries

We also looked at some of the resources available through Glow:

Daily What News

Glow Science

Aardvark’s Glow Cupboard

Purple Mash

Scotland’s Songs

Families and friends, heroes and villains, games and laughter, school and work, love and freedom – it’s all here in Scotland’s Songs. Listen to more than 130 songs and tunes, in Scots and Gaelic, and learn about the long and rich tradition of Scottish music, still very much alive across the nation and known and loved across the world.

You can learn about traditional songs and music, understand themes in Scottish music and find out more about Scotland’s instruments, like the bagpipes and the clarsach.

There’s a short introduction to each song or tune, along with song lyrics and the musical notation for almost every tune.

To visit the website click here.

Learn Fractions The Easy Way!

Following on from the successful times table event last year Tom Renwick (Maths on Track) returns this time to Glow TV to do a fractions lesson at Curriculum for Excellence level 2.

Working with a P7 class in Kinnaird Primary School, Falkirk (though suitable for P6 or S1/2) Tom will use the effective combination of the visual 100+ board and interactive Wee Red Box flash cards which promote ‘working memory’ and ‘processing speed’. However it is not necessary for you to have this equipment in your classroom, you can always make the flashcards yourself.

There will be a short break during the event, to allow you to replicate the flash card techniques with your own class, then re-joining Tom a few minutes later to see further techniques which enhance fluency (the list of 12 flash cards you’ll require can be found on the Glow TV schedule listing). It should be fun!

Sign up and join us on Tuesday 22nd November from 2-3pm.

Make a Sport Podcast!

Over two Mondays in November and December, The L.A.B will work with you to make your own radio programme or podcast – on a sporting theme. We’ll be hosting two workshops in The L.A.B at BBC Scotland, and you can join in from your classroom. In the first workshop, you’ll be working with us to record an interview with a special guest, plus idents for your programme. And in the second workshop we want you to record an event at your own school. By the end you’ll have made your own sporting podcast. Where possible, we’ll publish your finished work on The L.A.B’s website.
In advance of the Glow Meet:
Practise with recording equipment. Think about what makes a good interview. The special guest will be Scotland and Glasgow Warriors rugby star, Ryan Grant. You should do some research about him in preparation for the Glow Meet.
To sign up to this Glow TV Event, click here.
Click here to visit The Lab Glow Group. 

Additional Glovember Author Dates

There is still time to sign up for the already very successful Glovember Glow TV author events.

Still to come:

Alette J. Willis Monday 21st November @ 1.30pm
Julie Sandilands Wednesday 23rd November @ 1.30pm
V. Campbell Thursday 24th November @ 1.30pm
Caroline Clough Friday 25th November @ 11am
Debi Gliori Tuesday 29th November @ 1.30pm

(Click on the author name to sign up to the event, Glow log in required)

Remember pupils can take part in the writing and illustrator competition, click here to find out more information.

To find out more information about Glovember visit the Glow Group.

Science competition on YouTube

The YouTube Space Lab is an open competition inviting young people aged 14-18 to come up with an idea for a science experiment in space. Participants don’t actually have to do the experiment, they make a short video to describe and explain the idea, and then upload their video entry to the YouTube online service. Here their work will be evaluated by the judges and viewed by an international audience of millions.

The deadline for entries is 7th December, so we can still get Scottish students involved. What an opportunity to demonstrate their scientific knowledge, ICT and communication skills.