CPD @ KGS – an inhouse programme of Glow Shorts at Kirkwall Grammar School, Orkney

Jean Ward, DHT at Kirkwall Grammar School in Orkney has been making good use of our CPDShorts by creating an innovative programme of lunchtime sessions based around them.

The Glow CPDShorts – thought pieces on current issues in Scottish education – were held on four successive Wednesdays at lunchtime; all staff were invited to bring their lunch. These sessions are quick and informal – in order to make the most of time available the sessions are “flipped” with some suggested advance reading or watching.

Jean has kindly shared her programme with us. CPDShorts are freely available to all members of CPDCentral, so if you are a CPDLeader in your school, why not try them out as part of your collective CPD plan and get some lunchtime learning going on!

Wed 2 November. CPDShort 3 – Advancing Waves – what should education be about?

Presenter, John Connell

Wed 9 November. CPDShort 13 – Coaching and mentoring in the context of PRD

Presenter – Bob Cook’s paper on GLOW and the following YouTube links:

http://bit.ly/cAGz6f http://bit.ly/tTXqR8 http://bit.ly/s0X5cV

(or just ‘search’ coaching and mentoring on YouTube for many more excellent presentations for discussion)

Wed 16 November. CPDShort 8 – Sharing – the moral imperative

Presenter – Dean Shareski

Wed 23 November. CPDShort 4 – Motivating all learners

Presenter – Alan McLean


Although each meeting attracted only a small audience, it was important to those who came that they could share discussion in an informal setting. It was noticeable that most participants were from smaller departments with limited opportunity for professional dialogue.

Please get in touch if you would like more details.

Jean Ward